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Vintage Inspired Mustard

Hello from gloomy Palm Springs! That's right, I happened to visit during the one time of year it rains here. And okay, fine, Palm Springs is only about an hour and a half away from me, so it's not like I was coming here for the weather. It actually was raining while I took these photos, which is the only reason why they were taken on our balcony. When the weather is nice, I usually try to take photos in front of one of the cute houses with a white picket fence on our street, unless I can convince Jon to go somewhere other than our block. When it's rainy though, my options are limited. This isn't my favorite my background, but it gets the job done.

While you apparently all thought that Monday's outfit was the best thing I've ever worn (according to the majority of comments I got on Instagram at least), this one is actually my new favorite. I've always loved vintage styles, but ever since I started following more vintage bloggers, I've been drawn to it even more lately. I still love doing a mix of vintage and modern as I've always done, but I couldn't resist just going for it when I realized how perfect this mustard top looked with this skirt. It begged for BAIT wingtips, a bow in my hair, and curled bangs. I took these photos on Sunday, and I haven't been able to stop wearing my hair like this since. 

Palm Spring Neutrals

Unique Vintage off shoulder white top paired with neutrals from Ruche and Modcloth

Oh look, for once I'm trying something new! I've been eyeing off the shoulder tops since they started becoming trendy recently, but I wasn't sure if I had the body type to pull it off. Being pretty busty, I tend to shy away from things that require me to wear a strapless bra. That said, I was perusing Unique Vintage during their 20% off sale and noticed that this ruffled off the shoulder top actually looked fairly flattering AND was affordable. So I figured why not? As luck would have it, I absolutely love it. I'll definitely get more use out of it in the summer, but I can't wait to bust it out on those sweltering days when the mere thought of putting on clothes makes you sweat. For once, I will be a little prepared. 

I'm leaving for Palm Springs today for a conference, and while I'll be wearing work-appropriate clothes while I'm there, I thought it might be fun to do an outfit based on what I wish I could wear. If I were just going for vacation, you better believe I'd be packing this top and skirt combo. Regardless, I'm still excited. This will be my first big e-commerce conference with my current company, and there will be speakers from some huge companies. Plus, one of my closest friends happens to be attending with her work as well, so I know it'll be fun. 

P.S. Don't forget - today's the last day to enter the Feminist Resistance Giveaway! Don't miss out.

Yellow Cardigan + Teal Skirt

Yellow cardigan, thrifted teal skirt, Rocksbox necklace, and striped top

Have you entered the Feminist Resistance Giveaway that I'm hosting with Lisa yet? I'm having a hard time thinking of anything else to write because I'm so excited about it. I still can't believe how many amazing sponsors we have and how much people have been donating so far. If you haven't yet, please check out the post, drool over the amazing prizes, and donate money to Planned Parenthood or another worthy cause to be entered. Hope you'll help us raise some money!

With regards to this outfit, it's pretty typical every day look to throw on for me. Any day that I'm too lazy to think of a creative outfit, I throw on this striped dress as a top under a skirt and grab a cardigan. I've also been living in this Rocksbox necklace. I swear I went into Rocksbox assuming that I'd try it out for a few months and send back everything, but I think I might have to buy this one. It's everything I've been looking for. P.S. you can use code room334xoxo for your first month of Rocksbox free!

The Feminist Resistance Giveaway and Fundraiser

The Feminist Resistance Giveaway

I am so excited to pair up with Lisa of @lalafauxbois and Color Theory Shop on the Feminist Resistance Giveaway! This is the giveaway where everyone wins. Most of us can admit that things feel pretty shitty right now, so instead of just complaining about it on the Internet, Lisa and I decided to use our powers for good (in addition to complaining about it on the Internet).

We've teamed up with 20 (!) small businesses, artists, and makers to offer two lucky winners each a prize pack filled with feminist swag. Instead of using social media as entries this time, though, we're asking for donations. Every $1 donated to Planned Parenthood equals one entry. Donate $10 and get 10 entries. You get the point. All you have to do is upload a screenshot of your donation and enter the amount in the widget below. Please note that if you'd rather donate to a different worthy cause, perhaps because you've already donated to Planned Parenthood this week or you feel more strongly about another, we'll gladly accept those as entries. We're aiming this toward Planned Parenthood because Lisa, our sponsors, and I all feel that women's reproductive rights and accessible health care are important, but there are a million causes that need our help right now. You can find a handy list of suggestions here.

Once you've donated, here's what you'll be entered to win:

The Feminist Resistance Giveaway

Prize Pack #1
No Catcallin' Pin from Honey and the Hive | @honeyandthehive // Nasty Woman T-shirt and agenda from Google Ghost@googleghost  //  Print from Design Squeeze | @designsqueeze // Fight Like a Girl hat from Queen for Dinner@queenfordinner // Amelia pin from Doozie Bella | @dooziebella // Not Your Babe and Unicorn Pinata pins from Luella | @shop.luella // Feminist with a To-Do List notepad, pencils, and feminist century pin from Hello Holiday | @helloholiday  // Two vinyl stickers and pussy pin from Holly Oddly@hollyoddly // Girls Supoort Girls pin from Daisy Natives | @daisynatives  // Four pins from Radical Buttons@radicalbuttons 


Prize Pack #2

Boss Babes coloring book and pin from Creature Type | @creaturetype // Pin and Sticker from Ectogasm | @ectogasm_art // Pin from Cry Baby Club | @thecrybabyclubofficial // Feminist T-shirt from Jen Zeano Designs@jenzeanodesigns // Art print and Nasty Woman pin from Made Au Gold | @madeaugold //  Smash the Patriarchy necklace from Bang Up Betty@bangupbetty // Patch from Little Arrow Shop | @littlearrowshop // Boss Babes Unite and boobs pins from Band of Weirdos@bandofweirdos // T-shirt from Culture Flock | @cultureflock  // Nasty Woman pin from Kate Gabrielle | @kategabrielle //  Girl Boss pin from Red Bandana Pins | @redbandanapins

All you have to do to be entered to win is donate at least $1. That's it. You can upload a screenshot or a picture of your donation confirmation. Want to print it out and take a picture of your cute self holding it? Sure, go for it. As long as we can verify your donation, you're entered. We highly recommend following the amazing women involved as well. This giveaway is open to US residents only and ends at 11:59 pm PST on 02/27. Good luck!

Modcloth Popsicle Dress + Thrifted Cardigan

Modcloth popsicle print dress and thrifted cardigan

I have to be honest with you. I don't...love popiscles. Don't get me wrong. I like them, I really do. They're great on hot summer days, and I can't deny that they're refreshing. That said, when it comes to dessert, I prefer chocolate. When it comes to frozen treats, I prefer ice cream. And when it comes to refreshing things on hot days, iced coffee is my jam. So I'm not quite sure how I ended up not only in love with this dress, but with multiple popsicle art prints on my wall. They're so cute and colorful, I suppose I just naturally gravitated toward them as "art" despite them not being my favorite. It's even more surprising considering that my friends had a joke in college about me revolving around popsicles. As you might remember, I went to school in Illinois, and questions about me being from California came up immediately and often. So immediately that one friend asked if my "popsicles melt" the moment I met him. You know, like the Katy Perry song. I'll never live it down, but I'll embrace it with this dress. 

Other than thinking and talking too much about popsicles, life is great right now. Work is busy, and I just found out that I'll be going to Palm Springs for a conference in a couple of weeks. My parents and Jon's parents are meeting for the first time this weekend, so I'm a little nervous. Fingers crossed that they become best friend like they have in my imagination.

Also, there is something VERY exciting and wonderful coming to the blog on Monday! If you like women's rights, free things, and doing good, keep an eye out.

Pink Gingham Skirt + Collared Top

This is the only pink thing I own so I am officially dubbing this my Valentine's Day outfit. I actually really like pink these days, but it doesn't work well with my hair so I don't often buy clothes in the color. This skirt though? I can definitely get behind this skirt. ...I've written these exact things before, haven't I? I'm sure I have. Regardless, I couldn't help but do a little bit of themed dressing for the holiday, even if I don't do much to celebrate. I definitely enjoy it more ever since being in a happy relationship, but Jon and I don't really make it into a thing. 

The biggest reason we don't do much for Valentine's Day is because our anniversary if February 8th, so we do our celebrating early. Last week marks two years together, but seeing as we've known each other for nine years, it always feels like much longer. We went to Balboa Island yesterday (as we did last year and do for most special occasions) and had a lovely time looking at our dream houses and eating at Ruby's on the pier. That and spending too long trying to work up the nerve to ask a stranger to take our picture. We're both terrible at that. I always feel weird getting too cheesy here, but I'm can't explain enough how happy I have been the last two years. I'm even happier now considering we live together and don't have to say goodbye at the end of the night. Things are good now, guys. Like disgusting good that makes me want to throw up, but so good that I'm talking about it anyway. Please forgive me.

Three Easy Things No. 3

For this week's Three Easy Things - my ongoing political series of easy ways to stay active for newbies - I tapped my good friend Jessica from Midwest Muse. If you're a longtime reader, you know that Jessica is one of my nearest and dearest friends from the blogging world, and it's not often that I do a guest series without asking her to contribute. Jessica has been politically active for far longer than I have, and seeing her opinions have kept me motivated. She's shared three incredibly easy things that you can do to keep the momentum going this week if you want to "stay woke" as I hear the young kids are saying. Resisting comes in big forms and small forms, and these are some simple things you can do in your free time.

1. Think local: It's easy to think about politics on a larger scale because we're dealing with a large scale political problem. It, however, is incredibly easy to get involved at a city or state level. Here are a few ideas: call your senators, attend City Council Meetings, or connect with the local Democrat office. Find local activist groups or organize a group in your community -- 'cause I bet there are people just like you looking to get involved! Think about what is important to you in your city and do whatever it is you can to help.

2. Keep the conversation going: Whenever I read an article or see a Tweet that would open up a dialogue with a friend -- I send it to them. It's good to keep your friends in the know. My friends have started sharing relevant articles and pieces of information with me as well. We have now created a perpetual circle of sharing knowledge and continuing the conversation. It's important to never stop talking. When we stop being informed or sharing information, we stop caring.

3. Read up on American politics/history: History wasn't necessarily one of the most fun classes to take in high school, but having a solid understanding of American history and our government is vital. I'd like to think that I still know EVERYTHING, but I surely don't. I've been browsing this LOC page. There are plenty of resources out there, find a political/government related topic that interests you, and educated the hell out of yourself. (It'll also make what's happening seem even crazier.)

You can follow Jessica on her blog, her Twitter, or Instagram. If you'd like to contribute to the series, please shoot me an email at room334blog@gmail.com.