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School Spirit

I'm back with another Karina Dresses piece! As I mentioned last time, I'm obsessed with this brand and how seriously comfortably these dresses are. Karina Dresses just released their new Style Academy collection, and I had such a hard time choosing which dress I wanted. I'm happy that I ended up getting the Ruby in Pep Rally though. As I've talked about before, I have a few of the Ruby sleeveless dresses, which are my absolute favorites. I wanted to try something with sleeves this time, and I loved that this one is the same flattering shape as the sleeveless one, but more suited for fall. 

Granted, it's still 90 degrees in SoCal, but you better believe that I'll be throwing this on all the time once it starts cooling down. Luckily, the fabric is still lightweight and breathable so it's not too much of stretch to wear it in the meantime. As with last time, I sized down from my usual size large and got this dress in a S/M. It's super stretchy so sizing down works great for me. 

Other than trying to survive in the heat I've been...well, that's really what I've doing for the most part. Jon and I have been trying to stay cool as much as possible, which mostly involves sitting by the fan and watching TV (typical). More importantly, though, if you missed it, I launched a new site! Goddess Directory is a directory of women-owned independent shops, which I created as a resource for people to find as many as possible in one place. The site also has a blog, and I've been sharing interviews with some of my favorite women-owned shops. I'm adding new shops and brands to it constantly, and I can't wait to grow it. I hope you'll check it out and follow along!

Brimfield with Karina Dresses

Have you ever found a dress you love so much that you have in not one, not two, but three different prints?

...just me?

Karina Dresses just launched their new Brimfield collection today, and oh man, it's all so cute. I've worn this Ruby faux wrap dress in two different prints prior to this, but I just couldn't resist adding the new Meadow print to my collection. I sincerely love supporting Karina Dresses because, for starters, their dresses are some of the most comfortable I've ever owned (plus they don't wrinkle). But more importantly, it's a small, woman-run business that makes all items in the US. I've been fortunate enough to work with them a few times now, and every time I wear one of their dresses, I just want more. 

Now, let's talk sizing. I'm typically a size large or size 10, and admittedly I've started buying some things in an XL/12 lately (no shame in that - the best wedding diet is the one that doesn't exist). Most of my Karina Dresses are in a size M/L, but when I got my last dress from them, it was sold out in that size so I decided to try a S/M. Surprisingly, I actually love the fit of the smaller size! I've found that necklines of the faux wrap M/L dresses I have tend to roll and need to be adjusted, but this S/M is actually perfect. All of the dresses are extremely stretchy, so there's some wiggle room with sizing. 

Ready for Fall with Mata Traders

We love a brand that does some good. 

I've talked before how much I love Mata Traders, so I was so excited to work with them again to share one of my favorite pieces from their new fall line. In case you're unaware, Mata Traders is a fair trade company that partners with organizations in India and Nepal to create gorgeous handmade clothing and jewelry. The company focuses on gender equality and women empowerment (I highly recommend reading their story here), so it makes sense that all of their pieces are flattering and comfortable, in addition to being cute. 

It's definitely a little too hot to be wearing sleeves right now, but I didn't want to let that stop me from wearing this adorable dress. I'm obviously a sucker for anything rainbow and striped, so I was immediately drawn to this multi-colored dress. It's so comfortable and it has pockets - which I am required by law to mention any time a dress I wear has them. 

Because I wear so so much vintage and reproduction, I'm always trying to find pieces that are a bit more comfortable and easy to throw on for work without sacrificing my personal style. This dress is definitely one of those pieces. I had fun styling it up with some chunky earrings and a straw bag here, but I also know that I can wear it with little no accessories on a day when I'm running late, and I'll still feel good in it. 

Wedding Diary Month 6: The Thick of It

Hello from almost the halfway point of wedding planning! At this point, we're over six months in and a little over 7 months away from the big day. I shared a little diary of what we had done so far after one month so I wanted to stop in and share where we're at now. We're officially on some of the big things!

Letters Only

When it comes to accessories, I've always been more of a shoe person than a purse person. I've had a habit of re-using the same bag every day for long periods of time, and I usually forget about others that I own. However, something changed recently, and I'm suddenly being drawn to more interesting bags and growing my collection. It helps that there seem to be cute purses everywhere I look lately. 

Because of my new obsession, I was thrilled to get to style a bag from Vendula London - a UK based brand that makes the most darling novelty bags. In addition to being adorable, all of their bags are vegan/animal-friendly, so I love that I carry this without needing to feel bad. 

I was immediately drawn to this post pox satchel because it felt like such a fun, quirky style, but still easy enough to style with a variety of outfits. I actually spend a lot of time at the post office (usually because I'm sending out Poshmark orders, but also because we're mailing out Save the Dates at the moment) so I also think I have a soft spot for it. The bag ended up being even cuter in person, and it's the perfect size. Whenever I'm not carrying my camera, I prefer smaller bags, so I like that this one can hold everything I need without being too large. 

Side note: Is it just me, or does this bag also give you a little big of a Harry Potter vibe? I'm not sure why, considering they use owls instead of post offices, but I still feel like this would be the perfect addition to my outfit whenever I finally get around to going to Wizarding World.

Flowers, Polka Dots, and Bows

I meant to blog this earlier in the week, but I've been slacking! However, Friday was mostly off for me as the day after the 4th of July, and I used it to be productive. Well, I was a little productive while binging all of season 3 of Stranger Things. However, I'm also using the time to catch up on posts I've been meaning to blog, starting with this dress. 

Smak Parlour has quickly become one of my all-time favorite brands, mostly because in addition to cute, retro dresses, they're also all incredibly comfy. I've slowly been collecting dresses from the brand, and this mock bow shirt style of dress is one of my favorites. I was really excited about this new print of it, and it didn't disappoint. Flowers, polka dots, and a bow? You can't go wrong. It's one of those dresses that I know I can easily throw on for the office, and all of the work is already done for me. 

I love that Smak Parlour is a small, women-run company, which makes sense why they would know how to design flattering styles (and with pockets, obviously). I definitely recommend checking out their newest collection! 

Retro Summer Babes

You'd think that I love summer based on how much I love summer clothes. I hate the heat and being outside for too long, but I live for summer dresses, fruit prints, and sandals. So even though I may not be pumped for 90 degree days, I AM excited about this darling Lindy Bop dress and styling it all season long. 

As promised, here's my other matching outfit with Alyssa (scroll down to see!). Our matching in the last outfits was nothing compared to wearing the same exact dress and then going to get coffee and pop into a couple of vintage/consignment stores. Plus, not too many people dress like we do where we were so we didn't exactly blend in. It was a hoot, and people commented on it pretty much everywhere we went. A couple of women even asked if we worked in a diner. Fair. 

When we found out that we both had picked out the exact same dress this time, we thought it would be fun to show how we each style it. The funny thing was, we both expected the other one to accessorize it in the same way. I texted Alyssa the day before to see if she was going to wear a straw hat before I did, and she was convinced that I was also going to show up wearing my dress with saddle shoes too. 

Alas, we managed to style the dress in completely different ways. I love shirt dresses, and the color and arm ties screamed summer to me, so I really liked how it looked with a boater hat and these fun watermelon earrings. I felt ready to go to a BBQ or a picnic...but I was much happier getting coffee and going vintage shopping.