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Leather Jacket on the Trail

Thrifted pink leather jacket and pleated Lands' End skirt

I'm so excited to share these photos that my friend Hanna and I took over the weekend! I've known Hanna since high school, but despite the fact that we always had a ton of mutual friends and got along well, we never really hung out for some reason. Fortunately, she and Jon are good friends, so when she moved back to Orange County last year, we were able to "reconnect." As luck would have it, Hanna happens to be an amazing photographer, and we finally got around to taking photos together on Saturday. She took me out of my homebody comfort zone and into some trails in my old hometown, where we had a blast. It's always so wonderful to have someone helping me with photos who actually enjoys it as much as I do, and I can't wait to do this regularly. If you're in Southern California, I highly recommend checking out Hanna's website and working with her!

Also exciting? This skirt from Lands' End, which I can't get enough of. I honestly didn't think I'd like the items Lands' End sent me as much as I did since their audience tends to skew a little bit older, but I'm in love. I've been stocking up on midi skirts for summer, and I've already worn this one twice. I wore this outfit with a gray cardigan for a client meeting with a high-end clothing brand, and it felt perfectly professional and stylish. I also decided to go to my favorite thrift store on a whim before taking these photos, and this jacket was the first thing I spotted. It happened to be half-off (for $5!) and in my size. Thrifting never lets me down.

Guide to Makers Who Donate Money

Didn't get a chance to enter the Feminist Resistance Giveaway? You can still get cute things while doing some good! I've put together this handy guide of makers who donate proceeds from purchases to a variety of organizations. Many of the shops who participated in the fundraiser are included, but there are countless more of my favorite artists and brands that are using their business for important causes. I hope this encourages you to shop with some of those listed below, and keep in mind that this just scratches the surfaces of artists using their businesses to make a difference. I'm exposed to many items that align with my interests (which is where there are so many feminist-themed items), but there is much more to be found. And in case you're wondering - these are in no particular order.

* = donates to more than one cause
** = offers other items that donates proceeds

Guide to Makers Who Donate To Good Causes

1. Who: All Riot Donation: 50% to the ACLU My pick: This Means Love Anti-Islamophobia T-shirt** Follow for more: @allriotshirts
2.   Who: Bang Up Betty Donation: $1 to the ACLUMy pick: Nasty Woman Statue of Liberty Pin** Follow for more: @bangupbetty
3. Who: Color Theory Shop Donation: 20% to Girls Who CodeMy pick: I Believe in Science Pin **Follow for more: @colortheoryshop
4. Who: Culture Flock Donation: $2 to the ACLUMy pick: Resist & Persist T-shirt** Follow for more: @cultureflock
5. Who: Daisy Natives Donation: $1 to a variety of organizations that benefit women* My pick: The Revolution Tee** Follow for more: @daisynatives
6. Who: Oh Plesiosaur Donation: 20% to The Trevor ProjectMy pick: Rainbow T-Rex Pin** Follow for more:  @ohplesiosaur
7. Who: Marigold + Mars Donation: $5 to Planned Parenthood My pick: Nasty Hoop Follow for more: @marigoldandmars
8. Who: Heartman Donation: 10% to Earth JusticeMy pick: Keep Earth Sexy Tee** Follow for more: @heartmanclothes
9. Who: Made Au Gold Donation: $2 to Planned ParenthoodMy pick: Nasty Woman Keychain ** Follow for more: @madeaugold
10. Who: Kimothy Joy Donation: $2 to Emily's ListMy pick: Nevertheless, She Persisted Print** Follow for more: @kimothyjoy
11. Who: Sweet Stella Designs Donation: 50% to Planned Parenthood and Women Have Options Ohio My pick: Uterus Cookie Earrings Follow for more: @sweetstellaoh
12. Who: Jen Zeano Designs Donation: $1 to the ACLUMy pick: Latina Power Tee** Follow for more: @jenzeanodesigns 
13. Who: Google Ghost Donation: 15% to Planned Parenthood My pick: Nasty Woman ASL T-shirt Follow for more: @googleghostpress
14. Who: Otherwild Donation: 25% to the National Center for Transgender EqualityMy pick: Gender is a Drag T-shirt** Follow for more: @otherwild
15. Who: Susan Alexandra Donation: Part of the proceeds to The Human Rights CampaignMy pick: Equal Bracelet** Follow for more:  @susan_alexandra

Guide to Makers Who Donate To Good Causes

16. Who: Everlane Donation: $5 to Equality NowMy pick: The Human Cotton Box Tee** Follow for more: @everlane
17. Who: Pincause Donation: $1 to the IRC and $1 to White HelmetsMy pick: Rise for Refugees Pin** Follow for more: @thepincause
18. Who: The Crybaby Club Donation: 50% to She Should Run* My pick: She Persisted Tee **Follow for more: @thecrybabyclubofficial 
19. Who: Hello Holiday Donation: 100% of proceeds to Planned Parenthood of the Heartland My pick: Never Again Pin Follow for more: @helloholiday
20. Who: My Sister Donation: Supports after-care programs and provides growth opportunities for survivors or sexual exploitation My pick: You Don't Own Me Tee** Follow for more: @mysisterorg
21. Who: Little Arrow Shop Donation: 20% to Planned Parenthood My pick: Nasty Woman Pin Follow for more: @littlearrowshop
22. Who: Luella Donation: $2 to Austin Pets Alive My pick: Puppy Love Pin Follow for more: @shop.luella
23. Who: Radical Buttons Donation: Part of proceeds to organizations that seek to empower marginalized groups and promote social justice My pick: Grow A Pair of Ovaries Pin** Follow for more: @radicalbuttons
24. Who: Josh Hara Donation: All proceed to Planned Parenthood My pick: One Love Travel Mug Follow for more: @yoyoha
26. Who: Tuesday Bassen  Donation: 10% to organizations including Inner-City Arts, Art Buddies, and others My pick: Girls Pennant Pin Follow for more: @tuesdaybassen
27. Who: Sara M. Lyons Donation: 15% to the Louder Coalition My pick: Sad Ghost Hat** Follow for more: @saramlyons
28. Who: Band of Weirdos Donation: 50% to Planned Parenthood My pick: Can't Touch Dis Patch Set** Follow for more: @bandofweirdos
30. Who: Bloody Nora Pam Donation: 10% to the UK Sepsis Trust My pick: Eliminate Girl Hate Tee** Follow for more: @bloodynorapam 

Would you want to see more of this guide, possibly on a larger scale? Do you know of any other makers using their items for good causes? Leave a comment below or email me at room334blog@gmail.com! I'd love to hear!

Park Plaid

Well, it turns out that this cute little park exists right down the street from my apartment. I've driven by it countless times, but it always looked a little unimpressive while quickly driving by. Jon and I decided to walk over there to scope it out for pictures over the weekend, and it ended up being darling. Perfect for a sweet dress and heels...okay, fine. Not perfect for heels. I only wore them because I liked how they looked with this dress, not because I wanted to take a walk over to a park in them. I'm all for being fully transparent, so I have no issue with admitting that I only wore these shoes for the photos. Can you blame me?

This dress is another Schoola find, which I'm always happy to support. I won their Instagram contest recently and got a $50 gift card. I was able to get more than a few great items, but this dress has definitely gotten the most wear. I can't get enough of this plaid or the full skirt. Not that I need another plaid dress, but who cares? 

Second-Hand Polka Dots

Thrifted polka dot top paired second-hand yellow midi skirt

I love when I end up wearing an outfit that is entirely second-hand. I've been buying new a lot more than usual lately, but I don't want to lose my thrifting roots. It's been nice to get some high-quality pieces lately, but I'll always have the bulk of my closet thrifted. Those are the items that feel earned after hours of digging through unwanted items, and those are the items that I can feel confident that I haven't seen a million other girls on Instagram wearing already. Speaking of Instagram, I did score one of these second-hand pieces from there, but it still counts. I've been following Natalia for a long time, so when I saw that she was selling a few of my favorite pieces from her wardrobe, I jumped at the chance to snag a few pieces. This yellow skirt is perfect (especially considering that I'll never get the broken zipper fixed on my other one), and I loved how fun it looked paired with my trusted polka dot top. I got both this top and purse from thrift stores in the tiny town I went to college in Illinois, and I often miss the treasures I found there. Most of the girls my age in town shopped at North Face and Maurices, so the thrift stores were often incredibly cheap, filled with gems, and free of other shoppers. Those were the days...

This weekend was the best, mostly because I finally got to meet Kelsey from Over The Hill Vintage in person. Kelsey and I had been following each other on Instagram for quite a bit of time, but it wasn't until I tagged Jon in a picture on Facebook last month that we realized that she actually knows my boyfriend. That's not to mention that we have a few other mutual friends and live close to each other. Can you believe that Jon never thought to introduce us? The audacity. Kelsey and I met up at one of my favorite coffee shops, and she was an absolute dream. It was so fun to talk to someone with similar creative aspirations, a love of vintage, and who obsesses over that same people I do online. We also took photos together too, and I'm so excited to have someone to share that with more often. Now that it's getting hot, Jon is not about that life. Of course, he's forever an Instagram boyfriend so he doesn't really get a choice. He's stuck taking pictures of me for life.

Etsy Favorites #58

Stitch Labs sleep masks | Room 334
These sleep masks from Stitch Lab are more darling than I have words for.

Mint Florals

Mint floral Kling dress from Poshmark paired with a purple Madewell cardigan

And just like that, it's spring. I know that we don't exactly have real winter here in Southern California, but it was getting quite cold for my weak bones for a while there. Don't get me wrong, I so look forward to layering up each year, but I was ready to put my tights away. Luckily, I sold some stuff on Poshmark and used the earning to get this sweet Kling dress just in time for California spring to start. It has been in the 70s every day for the past week, and it looks like it's here to stay. I figured that the arrival of spring begged for an appropriate outfit, so I decided to go all out. We're talking a bright cardigan and a floral headband with an equally floral dress. Oh yeah, I went there.

This weekend was fairly uneventful, but relaxing. I baked some peanut butter cookies, saw Get Out with my brother and his fiance, and visited my other brother's family. I normally hate horror movies (I'm a giant wuss), but knowing that Jordan Peele was behind Get Out and seeing the stellar reviews convinced me to give it a chance. I can't say that I'll start watching horror movies now, but I am glad that I took a chance on this one since it was excellent. Highly recommend.

A Belated Women's Day

Modcloth Everyday Fave Top paired with a red skirt and the Who Could Be Saddle? Shoes

Happy belated International Women's Day! I originally had this post scheduled for Wednesday, but I decided to participate in the "social media blackout" part of Day Without a Woman. Okay, fine, I definitely still checked social more than I intended, but I successfully refrained from posting. I did go to work, like I think most of the women I know did. I do agree with the sentiment, and I wish I could have taken part, but I'm not surprised that so many women couldn't do so either. I love my job and work for a small company, which means that when someone takes the day off, it makes a big impact. I'm also fortunate to work for a company that empowers me and values me rather than putting me down. So while I didn't take the day off, I did take the day to appreciate the amazing, strong women in my life and only spent money supporting women-run independent businesses. I also wore red in solidarity. If you did strike, or celebrate in some other way, or really just existed as a badass woman, way to go!

In other news, I don't have too much to say about this outfit other than I love this top and these shoes. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I've done a little bit of impulse buying lately, and these items were my recent Modcloth purchase. They work well with the more vintage-inspired direction I've been going in, and they're both quite versatile too. Plus, the skirt is perfect for celebrating International Women's Day, even if it is a day late. Hell yeah.