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Dots and Rainbows

You know those outfits that you just feel like yourself in? This is one of those. It just feels so classic "me." It actually has been a while since I've worn polka dots on the blog, which strange for me. Obviously that needed to be fixed. I've actually had quite the struggle to find the perfect polka dot skirt, despite the fact that I've bought plenty. They've all either been to short, too small, or just plain not quite right. It has been much harder than I would have expected to find the right one. Luckily, Kristina of The Eyre Effect recently recommended a brand on Amazon in a blogging Facebook group that we're in, and it turns out that there were perfect A-line skirts for cheap with my name on them this whole time. This one is everything I've been looking for so I may have to buy it in multiple colors and patterns. This outfit also featured my new pastel rainbow wedges that I scored for $10 at the BAIT warehouse sale. Talk about beautiful. I don't think I'll ever take them off.

This week is weirdly busy for me, but that mostly consists of getting dinner with friends. Other than that, it's just my same old watching TV and falling asleep early every day. I did watch all of Girlboss even though I thought it was terrible. Funny how I still ended up binging it all. It was definitely interesting considering I've been following along with Nasty Gal since its birth, but I straight up hated almost every single character. I also didn't appreciate how it made fun of the vintage community. But alas, addicting TV is addicting TV. 

Retro Tropics

I just got this dress on Saturday, but I already couldn't wait to wear it immediately. I picked this up at Dapper Day Expo, which was an absolute delight. Erica from Sweets and Hearts met me at my apartment, and we had the best day trying to look cool among the pinups. It was both our first time, but it definitely won't be the last. Neither of us could afford to go into the parks, but the expo has gotten so big that there's almost no need to anymore. There were a ton of vendors, including everyone Unique Vintage to Sidecca to Unicorn Crafts and more. I finally got to meet Melanie from Femme De Bloom there, as she had a booth set up, and she was just as adorable and sweet in person. We also met up with Ashley from Southern (California) Belle and had a mini Flock Together reunion, which is always a treat. 

Since Erica lives pretty far, we figured we should make her time in Orange County worth it. After getting some food from Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney, we went to The Loop for ice cream and churros. I have to admit, it was well worth the hype. It turns out that it's only about 10 minutes away from where I live, so I will definitely be going back.

I definitely wasn't planning on picking up any dresses from the expo, but Retrolicious was having a deal if you bought two, so Erica and I each got one. I have no regrets. This dress is basically everything I've ever wanted, and I think it's easy to understand why I'd wear it the next day. Plus, it's so fun paired with equally bright shoes. 

Off The Shoulder

If I said that this is my new favorite outfit, would you believe me? I know I tend to say that about most outfits, but I suppose that's not a bad a thing. I guess it wouldn't really make sense to have a personal style blog if I didn't actually love what I wear. I honestly don't know why I stayed away from off the shoulder tops for so long. I was seriously convinced that I couldn't pull them off, but now I want a million of them. This one is particularly dreamy, and I can't get over how much I love it with this perfect yellow skirt. I kind of feel like a Disney princess in this outfit.

Part of that may just be the pictures my friend Hanna took of me. We went to a big park near my hometown, and it's always ripe for good spots. I've taken pictures a couple of times, and it really never fails. 

Other than taking cute pictures in cute clothes, I've still been getting over being sick and working. I'm so excited that all of my favorite shows are coming back this month (Fargo, Better Call Saul, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Silicon Valley, Veep, etc.), but I still need something to hold me over in between episodes so I'm rewatching Community. Again. I'm even making my way through the dreaded season 4 again, which, is true commitment. 

Vote Local

If you've been following along with me during my journey to becoming more politically active, you know that I was very apathetic about voting until last year. I used the flawed electoral college as my excuse, and I will forever be ashamed of it. Fortunately, I've since learned what a mistake it was to feel that way, and I'm proud to now be an advocate for social change. I've been using the past few months to finally become more politically aware and stay involved in the national conversation (though, let's be honest, I had to take another break from Twitter), but my priority now is to start to think and get involved on a local level.

This shirt from Culture Flock could not have come at a better time. I have been loving using blogging as a platform to connect with small businesses, women entrepreneurs, and makers using their talents to make a difference. Culture Flock is an independently owned female-run business out of Springfield, MO and the women behind the brand create the best selection of tees, tanks, sweatshirts, stickers, and more. In addition to being cute, they also donate proceed from a few of their items to organizations like the ACLU and The Conservation Fund. You can also find Culture Flock in my Guide to Makers Who Donate Money. I'm particularly partial to the I Believe in Science Shirt, the Gentle & Kind Shirt, and the Introvert Pin. I also have one more piece from them that I can't wait to show you.

The Culture Flock team is using this shirt to encourage using websites like Vote 411 to find out when the next election in your area is. There unfortunately is no information about my district at this time as there aren't any upcoming elections, however, if you find the same, you can also use the following resources:

Warm Tones for Warm Days

Did I mean to write this last night? Did I instead end up falling asleep while rewatching the first season of Community? Yes, and hell yes. Since I'm writing this real quick before starting work, let's just keep this short and sweet. This dress is one of my "ol' faithfuls" that never fails to look flattering. I wore this to explore old town Tustin and take pictures with friend/photographer extraordinaire, Hanna over the weekend. I lived in Tustin a while back (when I lived with horrible crazy roommates), but only explored the area a little bit. It's adorable, and we had amazing pastries from a shop there as well. Hanna brought her dog, Sol, so he is once again the star of my photos. How can I compete with him? 

The only other thing of note in my life is that my car battery died yesterday while I was at a gas station, which is never fun. My dad was nearby, fortunately, so he let me use his AAA card and got me help. So all is well now. I also made a ton of mac and cheese for dinner last night, which let's face it, is the true highlight of my week. 

Vintage Blooms

This weekend somehow managed to be a good weekend for both my closet AND my wallet. Okay, fine. The things I bought probably did not do my bank account any favors, but I managed to not to have a panic attack. I was lucky enough to hit up the B.A.I.T. warehouse sale in the LA area with my friend Whitney, and it was a huge success. Warehouse sales always sound scary and full aggressive shoppers, but the B.A.I.T. one was small, calm, and just as cute as the brand itself. I picked up about six pairs immediately, and I ended up walking out with three pairs for $40. Considering one pair normally runs for about $60, I'm pretty stoked. We ended up stopping for breakfast in one of our favorite areas and stopped in some vintage and antique stores, where I picked up this dress. It doesn't quite fit my chest, but it was cute and on sale, so I'm making it work. I want to say that it's from the '70s, but it's probably more like '80s. I'm telling myself that it's '70s era though, so just let me have this. 

Really, though, the best part of my weekend was finding out that I don't have to pay nearly as much in taxes as I expected. I've been quietly freaking out about taxes for the past month or so considering I actually have to pay this year, but I went to my dad and brother's accountant and she turned out to be a miracle worker. Phew!

Downtown Lace

I'm sharing a few more photos than I normally do today, but it's only because I'm so in love with this set. This is the second set that Hanna and I took in Old Towne Orange over the weekend, and it solidifies that it's by far one of my favorite places to take photos. I decided to get an ice cream cone "for pictures," but we all know that I really just wanted an excuse to get ice cream. Turns out, licking ice cream doesn't exactly make for the most flattering angles. It also doesn't help that I broke the cone within a few minutes of getting it, but that's besides the point. Oh well, it was still good ice cream.

Things keep getting busier at work, and we just signed a new client who I'm very excited about. April in general tends to be a good month - two of my family members and two of my best friends all have birthdays to celebrate, and this April in particular I'll be going to the BAIT warehouse sale this weekend and the Dapper Day expo at the end of the month. So many things to get excited about.