Want to get to know me better? Of course you do. Here are some common questions I get from my readers and just some general information I think you should know.

Where did Room 334 come from?
Back in my freshman year of college, I decided I wanted to start a Tumblr, but couldn't think of a name. Instead of waiting to be inspired, I looked around my room and decided to just use my dorm room number, convincing myself it was clever. While I stopped posting on Tumblr, the name just stuck with me.

Who takes your photos?
Who doesn't? I pretty much grab whoever will help. I am very thankful to have many people who are willing to help me whenever I ask, some of whom are talented photographers. I'm very lucky to have a wonderful boyfriend, Jon, who helps take most of my photos. I'm also lucky to have countless friends who deal with me asking them to help me anytime we're hanging out. I occasionally use a tripod and take my own, and when my camera is in use, it is a Nikon D3100 with a 35 mm lens.

Where do you get most of your clothes?
I always make sure to include where my outfits are from on each post. I pride myself on buying most of my wardrobe second hand from thrift stores and consignment stores. I also have plenty of items from Modcloth, Unique Vintage, Etsy, and I try to support small businesses when I can. I wear a fair amount of vintage items, and some of my favorite vintage reproduction brands that I wear often are Collectif, Hell Bunny, Steady, Voodoo Vixen, Dangerfield, Joanie Clothing, and a ton of others.

Who designed your blog?
I've changed my design too many times, but the current one is from Etsy.

Where do you live?
I currently live in Garden Grove, CA. Or as you might know it, Orange County. Or, if you're still not sure what I mean, I live close to Disneyland.

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  1. So...this is random. But I'm pretty sure my room number my freshman year was 334 too! Twinzz

    perfectly priya