Flowers and bunnies



Is it really Monday already? This weekend went by too fast, mostly due to the usual lack of sleep. I had a good weekend, but then there was that 4:30 am shift at the front desk and 2:00 am trip to the ER with my friend who was having an asthma attack (she's fine now). If only there were more hours in the day.

I've been reading more than a few of my favorite bloggers reflect on blogging recently (did I miss some sort of "reflect on blogging" memo?) which has, of course, cause me to do my own reflecting. In doing so, I realized that my biggest reason for blogging was one I had never even thought of: an escape. I've always considered myself a "bad" college student, or perhaps I'm just a bad Midwest college student. I often feel that I have a hard time relating to most of my peers. I have to bite my tongue when they talk in detail about what I feel to bad TV shows or movies, I can't stand the music they listen to, I sigh in frustration when I drive past frat parties, I tune out when acquaintances tell me about who they made out with while they were drunk, and I can't ever see myself wearing a t-shirt and sweats to class. That last one has proved especially hard for me as I often have to deal with not-very-subtle judgmental glances when I walk through campus in peter pan collars and pleated skirts. Though I've since figured out that I shouldn't care, I spent most of freshman year toning down how I dress and feeling uncomfortable. I never let it get to me too much (I'm hardly an emotional person), but I definitely had a tough freshman year. 

What I'm trying to get at, is that blogging is an escape from college students. I finally have a community full of women who praise each other for dressing up. Every time I pull something out of my closet and think, "maybe this would be too much to wear to class," I think about how much my readers or blog friends would appreciate it and decide that outweighs the negative. Now, entering my junior year, I don't have a problem wearing an outfit like this around campus, even though I got my share of weird looks. I'm in constant contact with people who are giddy with delight over vintage finds or share my excitement over a new issue of Lula. I'm always finding more bloggers who listen to the same music or like the same movies as I do. Whenever I feel surrounded by people who I can't relate with (though, rest assured, I do have a strong group of friends who I can), I can always open up blogs and feel a sense of acceptance. 

If this sounds sad at all, my intention was the opposite. I feel so much better about what I wear and what interests me now that I have this blog. If I needed to justify why I spend so much time caring about this blog (which I don't), this would be one of my biggest reasons. So, thank you to all of the kind, talented, intelligent, cultured, stylish, unique women I have met and will meet in the future. 

That being said, I did have quite a few people stop and stare as my sister-in-law took these photos of me outside the union on Friday and the occasional dude making comments. Obviously, it was worth it because this location was too gorgeous not to shoot at. On an unrelated note, my shirt has bunnies on it. I think it speaks for itself. 

Also: Modcloth's Last Hurrah sale. I've made a huge mistake.

Top: T.J. Maxx
Skirt: Romwe
Shoes: UO
Bag: T.J. Maxx
Belt: Thrifted
Bracelet: Forever 21


  1. Very pretty! Love the collar on that dress and the setting is quite lovely with all of the flowers!
    I'm having a Bauble Bar giveaway on my blog today- be sure to stop by!

  2. SUCH a cute top!! LOVE the bunnies!! Looks great! :D

  3. You go girl! I think we all go through this at some point. I know I did. Its hard to just be yourself. You have a great community here that would defend your great sense of style and great personality against the college clones out there. You rock!
    Much love,
    p.s. I HATE wearing sweats, too!

  4. I loved reading this! and a little bit surprised that outfits like that are seen as too dressy for class. Where I go to for school, dressing like that IS similar to wearing sweats and a tee.

    I'm so glad I started blogging again because I feel so inspired by everyone to just wear what I want to wear and not care about what others think, even if it can be tempting to just succumb to the social pressures.

    Great post! and adorable bunnies.

    chīsana blogger

  5. lemme be clear i sucked at college, if being good at college is drinking, wearing ugly clothes, and watching keeping up with the whoever they ares. if being good at college means i got a job within a year of graduating, then i rocked that. i lived 20 minutes off campus, was pretty much married, wore sequins to class often (but then again i was in design, i was actually not weird whatsoever for that) and hated the whole let's go to frat parties things. and i'm glad it was that way - and you will be too! plus - blogging gets you a lot of friends from all over. and indeed, people always stare. and i'm loving the bunny top, and that purse, and this outfit, and that location! all so pretty and it all goes together perfectly - you look awesome, your college must be super cute

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  6. First, off I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appericated you comment! It really made my day. Things have mostly shaken out and are slowly returning to normal (well, I quit my day job, so to speak, so in two weeks it will be very different. But that's actually a very positive thing). But your sentiment was so nice and thoughtful.

    Second, this quote here: " I finally have a community full of women who praise each other for dressing up" is so much of what I love about blogging. I love the creativity it encourages and, as dorky as it sounds, clothes and seeing the blogging community really helped me feel like I could define myself more so the outside could match what was happening inside.

    College can be whatever you make it. I loved college but I was also a total hermit in college. I changed schools twice so lived in a quite but pleasant little life on my own after that last college going to the public library and the tea place by myself. So, definitely get you and your annoyance at "typical" college stereotypes actually happening/being true. But you found your community and that is awesome and you feel confident being you!

    Lastly- LOVE how the purple of the flowers brings out the colors of your shirt. :D

  7. Bunnies!!! So cute :) I love your belt too.
    And you sound like college I never wore sweats and tees, hated all the "in music" (oldies all the way!), didn't go to parties and all that stuff, ha ha. So I started my blog for the same reason ;)

  8. ohmygosh this is without a doubt the cutest look ever!!! :) i LOVE that top!!! its soo adorable :)

  9. I hate when people show up to class in sweats.
    Also, BUNNIES!

  10. You are one inspiring lady. I just went through my first day of college and thought "Wow, seriously? Apparently the unspoken dress code doesn't change here either." I felt like the only girl walking around in a dress! Ah well, us young bloggers will unite and wear whatever we darn well please! ;)
    Haha, I loved reading this post, I completely relate to it. I just love the fashion blogging community!
    Anyway, such an adorable print on your top girl. Keep rocking your lovely style. You never know who you may inspire with it!

    Trendy Teal

  11. Love your reflections! I feel the same way - sometimes wondering whether I should wear something that my blogger friends would 'get', but that people around uni probably wouldn't. I guess it's about balance - I want to wear things I love, but I don't want to stand out too much to make myself feel uncomfortable :)

    Life etc

  12. Ok, first of all I LOVE this gorgeous location and your adorable top (peter pan collar and bunnies?! what more could you ask for!) Also, I completely agree with the whole not really connecting with your peers thing. I feel maybe older or more mature than most people my age because I don't like to party, get drunk, or blast the latest annoying music. It's great to find people who share your interests! I get stares for dressing up all the time too. But that's just who I am!


  13. such a beautiful location for taking photos, I love it! :)
    your top is so cute! I love clothing with animal prints and that is no exception, it looks great paired with that skirt! and I don't know why people look at you if that's what you dress to college because a) it is a really pretty outfit; b) you have no idea what I see people wearing to college sometimes. And I don't mean just weird clothing, I mean sometimes they should wear more clothes to cover themselves, seriously.
    Hope you're having a great time at college, Elana!

    Drawing Dreaming

  14. That collar is beautiful on you - and what a fun patterned top :)


  15. Love it! And I am following you right now :) xo