Sweaters and sandals

Hooray for free time to post! I wore this on Monday (I think? Sure, let's go with that) when the weather was being weird and couldn't decided if it was a going to be warm or cold. I decided to compromise and went with a sweater and sandals. Strangely enough, it ended up working out. Also of importance: my skirt, which I got in Modcloth's Last Hurrah sale, has sailboats. Adorable or what?

I'm beginning to take back every complaint I've made about going to such an un-stylish school. I'm slowly starting to realize (three years in) that even the smallest amount of effort I put into my outfits will garner compliments from random strangers who aren't used to seeing someone in something other than sweats. I had multiple people stop me to tell me they loved this skirt and it was an instant confidence booster every time. Is this slightly vain of me? Sure, but who doesn't look the random compliment here and there? One of my professors actually stopped me yesterday as I was leaving class to ask, "So Elana, I was wondering, why so classy today?" I explained I was a fashion major and that seemed to clear things up. He said he was just so used to students showing up in whatever they could throw on in the mornings that it was nice to see someone make an effort. I basically get dressed like this every morning for my professors' sake. I'm that a good a student.

Is it the weekend yet? I suppose this week could have been worse considering not one, but two of my classes were cancelled, but I'm still burnt out. I'm looking forward to the weekend as I'm finally getting to meet a friend's baby and I'm spending Saturday with my club. We're going on what we've dubbed a "store crawl" which is the fashion lover's version of a bar crawl. It's essentially an excuse to all go shopping together, support local businesses, and feel like we're clever. I'll take any excuse I can get.

Sweater: Buffalo Exchange
Skirt: Modcloth
Shoes: Modcloth
Necklace: Ebay


  1. that skirt is soooo cute!! such a lovely and pretty look :)


  2. Oh goodness, I have the same situation with seeing myself at a non-fashionable school. The littlest thing kinda makes you feel like a freak sometimes, but it's great when the compliments come along.
    You look adorable, by the way! I really love the bright skirt to bring some cheer to the neutral tones.


  3. loved the outfit!



  4. I've been dying to wear a sweater over a dress or with a skirt! Your combo is so pretty! I love that sweater and this is such a great place for a photoshoot! I also love your last outfit post that I somehow missed...can't beleive you found those for $20! (can't believe you're wearing pants either but I like it)


  5. Cute cute cute! Such a great combo and this location is fab. I would totally steal that orange chair!
    Much love,

  6. "Store Crawl"- brilliant concept!

    Also, you look adorable with that sweater and that necklace. Hope your next week is less stressful!

  7. I love your red skirt! And the store crawl sounds like such a fun idea. I hope you all have an amazing time!

  8. Okay, so a "store crawl" sounds so fun! I love the sailboats on your skirt, very cute detail. I bought a bunch of stuff during Modcloth's last sale too. Sometimes it's just too good to pass up!



    Southern (California) Belle

  9. I love this sweater-skirt-sandals combo! :D One of my favorites from you Elana. I can see why you got so many compliments on that skirt - its adorable!
    It can be nice being the one of the few who dresses up :) At my community college there are actually some fashionable people around, so I don't feel too odd dressing up how I like. But it's always the generic kind of style, you know? No creativity!
    Anyway, that was my mini vent. Haha, have fun on your store crawl! ;)
    Also, thanks for the helpful comment - I've definitely gotten a good idea on how to connect the Philippines to my classmates now.

    Trendy Teal

  10. Love the pattern of that skirt - so cute!

  11. You are too cute. I love the orange skirt with that sweater! And you totally deserve all those compliments girl! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. I love the unexpected combo of a sweater and sandals! And yes, as I've said before, the sailboat print is to die for! Compliments from random people are always nice, because you know they are genuine. When someone I don't know, with no hidden motives tells me that they like something, it always makes my day too! And a prof, bonus points!

    Ok I am having trouble sympathizing with you if you had TWO classes canceled! But I get it, the week is all about making it though so you can relax on the weekend. A store crawl is brilliant! Can't wait to see your finds :) Enjoy!

    perfectly priya

  13. Oh Elana....this skirt is perfection! I'm in total swoon-mode at the moment :) I must have missed that beauty in the last hurrah sale, because surely I would have snagged it up! Hope your weekend is lovely! xo Marisa

  14. This skirt is so pretty. I love the colors together. I also love how happy and smiley you are in photos. I wish I looked good smiling like that!

    And yes! I get weird compliments from total strangers too. I used to have a professor that would joke at me because he thought it was so strange and funny that he and I were the only ones not in sweats. At least I'm not the only one in college experiencing this issue. Stupid college girls.

  15. LOL I love that - it's funny how putting in just a little bit of effort gets compliments - I have the same thing at my work. Loving this outfit, you look so sweet x

  16. So cute as always! That's awesome that people are complimenting you :)
    Can I just mention though that you're standing next to an awesome chair....if someone left it there as trash I would totally pick it up if I were you!

  17. i LOVE that skirt. it's just the perfect color. and that necklace too! and i love this random little location - i really love finding weird off places like that.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails