Little black dresses

Things that make me happy:

  • Four days until I go home
  • Four days until I get to see my family and friends
  • Four days until In N' Out and endless frozen yogurt
  • I'm done interviewing and hiring editors
  • I love my new staff
  • I'm done with giving a dreaded speech in my public speaking class
  • This little black dress- scored for $3, simple enough to be worn countless ways, and the very first dress to make me like any sort of arm cutouts
  • "Skyfall," which was, in a word, awesome
  • The fact that I type everything out in AP Style without realizing it. For those unaware, AP Style is the style in which all newspaper articles are written in, which is why I write movie titles in quotations by habit
  • Making homemade salted caramel mochas with Jenn over the weekend
  • Knowing that I get to see my friend Kyle for a day next week when he comes home from the Air Force
  • Late night bonfires with friends
  • Getting to tell my parents that T.J. walked through Chicago to meet me at the train station so I wouldn't have to walk alone and knowing that he'll forever be on their good side
  • Flock Together has 100 followers!
  • Getting inspired by other bloggers. Seriously, how are you all so cute?

Dress: UO Outlet
Cardigan: Target
Scarf: Buffalo Exchange
Boots: Endless
Ring: H&M
Belt: Vintage


  1. Is that the dress we got at Urban?? It's so stinkin cute on you! I love how it drapes over the shoulders, so pretty. And i giggled at you bragging about TJ to your parents. I do that allll the time. We're so crafty like that. And yay for Flock Together getting 100 followers!!

  2. Love this dress! I can see how it would be very versatile, for sure. But the arm cutouts are so unique and fun! Your scarf is so pretty too, love those colors up by your face! And oh I want to have a bonfire now!

  3. I love this dress and the gold belt. It looks so perfect on you! Have your parents never met your boyfriend since you go to school so far from home? Also have I ever told you how I'm so jealous that you have homes in two of the best states? 'Cause I am and you do.

    Your positivity and happiness is inspiring!

  4. Cute look,love that dress

  5. This dress is so cute on you! I've heard good things about Skyfall- I hope I get to see it soon. And yummm, In-n-Out! I can't wait to have some of that when I go back home for Christmas :)

  6. Everything about this outfit is amazing! Also, I'm jealous that you get to go to In-N-Out, we don't have them here in Ohio but I was lucky enough to get some while in Texas a little bit ago!


  7. You're going to be in California?! Eeeeep!! I love this list and this dress and you! Oh, and that scarf!!

  8. loving these little black boots !!

  9. 1) Loving this outfit. The cutout sleeves are something really different, yet very pretty. The scarf just accentuates that fact.

    2) Skyfall was so awesome!

    3) Oh, yay for visiting home.

  10. Aww, reading your happy list made me happy xD Haha, such a good list! Skyfall is on my list to watch! Patrick and I were going to round up some friends and get a group to go see it this weekend.
    Anyway, about the outfit - girrrrrl, look at those sexy arm cut outs ;) Haha, I love it!

    Trendy Teal

  11. I just saw Skyfall as well and thought it was SO good! I love Javier Bardem :)

    Your style is adorable and I love your smile - thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following yours now as well and look forward to seeing more posts :) Happy Wednesday!!

  12. You are adorable. Seriously, you make me smile! I totally want to see Skyfall, maybe this weekend! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. This dress was $3?! It's amazing! I love the shoulders it looks so good on you! Also loving that ring, you always have the best! So glad your happy list is so long girl, you deserve a break asap!
    xo Hannah