Things that caught my eye this week #21

It's been too long since I've done one of these, hasn't it? Here's what's been catching my eye lately:

I am positively in love with the prints and cuts of Caitlin Shearer's dresses, particularly this girl scout one

The leather peter pan collars  from Meyburg are the perfect combination of edgy and sweet

Rachel Pfeffer's jewelry is too much fun. How great is this honeycomb necklace?

Every single dress from Fleet Collection looks like the most comfortable and flattering thing ever made

Tumbleweeds Handcraft makes some insanely awesome sunglasses

This vintage sweater dress feels very Nancy Drew to me, in the best possible way

A 70s fox skirt? Yes please.

Speaking of all seriousness, why don't I own this calendar?


  1. I saw that girl scout dress this week too! Adorable! And I need to get that fox calendar

    Summer x

  2. I love love love your finds! I think the leather peter pan collar is my favorite. xoxo

  3. Love love love the dress in the first photograph and that necklace is so cute!

  4. OOOOO! That honeycomb necklace is the cutest thing ever! My roommate is obsessed with bees - birthday present idea!

    I also really love that yellow dress - the bow is perfect!


  5. That girl scout dress is nothing short of amazing! And I love everything from Fleet Collection :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  6. Um I seriously NEED that fox calendar now!! Ugh. So adorable. Thanks for introducing me. I also love that first dress, so cute.

  7. Aww, I love the yellow bow dress and the cute peter pan collars! What a cute calendar too!

  8. Those sunglasses are so cute!! And these dresses are amazing, I so want the girl scout one!

  9. agh these are so lovely! the peter pan collar and mustard dress are my favorites!!

  10. Love the first dress - so sweet!


  11. Oh my goodness....I really think I need that girl scout dress in my life :-) Wow...gorgeous. Truth be told...I would welcome anything of these beauties in my life. I definitely need some self control right now because I seriously want to snag up everything here!

  12. You always find the loveliest items!

  13. That first dress is just SO cute! I love it. I want it! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  14. that dress is amazing! i adore every detail of it!

    lindsey louise

  15. I am in love with that yellow dress! How do you find these things!?

    perfectly priya

  16. Wow. I love that girl scout dress. And that black one with the lace collar. It looks utterly divine. Just when I told myself no new clothes for a month!

  17. ahhh I am in love with Caitlin Shearer's designs! I was just telling another blogger about her lovely dresses yesterday! I want the bow dress and the biscuit dress (and the ice cream dress) so bad!!! Of course I can not afford them, but I can still love them, right? haha. And thank you for all the lovely comments on my blog :) I am glad you remembered me from the ModSquad! I am following you along on google now :)

    <3 Alyssa