Considering this is the week of all things sweet, it's only natural that I post a sweet outfit today and devote a post to it. The sweetest part being how I got this lovely dress that I'm wearing as a top here. A few days ago, my RA dropped this off at my door and told me that it was too short on her and reminded her of me. It's not every day that someone knocks on my door to give me any sort of lace Peter Pan collar goodness so I didn't wait long to put it on. Even with my 5'2" height, it still sits a little short on me, but it makes a perfect top. I decided to go all 50s with this one and paired it with a ponytail, pleated skirt and my favorite thrifted cardigan. I'm about to get a cavity from all this sweetness.

But wait, I'm not done. There's more of that adorableness in my life, like the fact that my lovely friend Justine spent her morning on our day off with me taking outfit pictures. She's going to start updating her blog again soon and you can bet that I'll sharing it here. I also may or may not have a great giveaway planned for V-day itself, so stay tuned.

This is actually my very first time being in relationship on Valentines day, but I'm still not making a big deal out of it. I like that I'll be with someone and the promise of getting chocolate is worth it, but I've never really seen the point to it. T.J. takes me out to dinner and treats me well every day, I don't really think this day has to be anything different. I have work on the actual day so he said he'll come in and bring me food, but I said we should just stay in, cook something, and watch a movie to celebrate the next day. The idea of cramming into a packed restaurant with other couples isn't very appealing to me.

Also, am I the only one who doesn't really like getting flowers? I appreciate the gesture, don't get me wrong, but...they die. I actually told him this the other day and he said, "You know, I was thinking about this and I thought, 'if there's one girl who doesn't like getting flowers, it's Elana.'" He knows me well. The chocolate, however, that I'll take in a heartbeat.

Dress (worn as top): Forever 21, gift
Skirt: Anthropologie (sale)
Cardigan: Thrifted
Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Modcloth


  1. I love this outfit! You're so right, it's a sweet look and a wonderful gift from your RA. I can't wait to see what kind of giveaway planned for the 14th!



    Southern (California) Belle

    P.S. Thanks for the kind words! Modcloth actually wants to do a "meet the model" segment on their blog so I'm excited for that too :)

  2. Aw that's so nice of your RA! And this is a super sweet outfit. I especially love the belt and the pretty skirt!


  3. Aaaaah! SO. CUTE.

    Huh, a fifties inspired look is my new favorite of your outfits. Imagine that! But really, this is so darling from the colors to the details like the collar and the belt.

    I'm excited for this first in your life. I'm not sure Valentine's really is a big deal because your significant other should treat you nicely (and vice versa!) all the time but all the same, it is always special to have firsts in relationships! Yay!

  4. Awwwww you look so girly and 50's <3 that top is flawless. Also you are a sweetie. My boyfriend and me are going to have dinner before St. Valentines because I will go to Spain on the 14th. And, I love flowers especially pink roses :D

  5. It's a very sweet look! love your cardigan!

  6. Agreed, whats the point of flowers when there's chocolate?
    Also, this sweet outfit is too cute! The peter pan collar on that dress makes it the perfect top. Awesome layering skills Elana :)
    I like your perspective on Valentines Day too. Simple is best - and why make big gestures only once a year when you're with someone? You have a chance to show you care in little ways all throughout the time you're together! <3

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  7. This cardigan is just amazing on you!


  8. I'm the same way with flowers!! I thought I was the only gal out there who felt like this...lol. But of course of someone gets them for me, I appreciate it - it's just not a thing for me though.

    This truly is a favorite outfit of yours ;-). I am a sucker for all the sweetness & the 50s vibe. How darling & simply sweet that your RA passed that dress onto you.

    Have a lovely Vday! xo

  9. Cute cardigan!

  10. I am so with you on the flowers! I mean, of course I love it when I get them.. but mine always die within a day. You look SO cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. What?! I love it when friends think of me and give me free things! This is an amazing dress/top. The color is darling. I agree with your views on Valentine's Day- sometimes people put too much pressure on it and then their hopes are let down when there aren't fireworks and such. I think it's better to avoid the crowds too!

  12. Aww what a sweet gift! And it looks wonderful on you! Happy early Valentine's Day Elana! I hope it's super sweet, like you ;)


  13. Really good gift and such a cardigan always works :) So cute!


  14. You're so cute! I love that cardigan. Can't wait to post your red dress on Friday!! :)


  15. You have such a sweet rn, that was so nice of her to give the dress to you! (And how funny, we're the same height!) I love how you made this a sweet outfit but not necessarily in the traditional valentine day "sweet." The soft pink with the white skirt is really pretty and floaty looking and I love how the cardigan with sparkles gives it a dash of fun and coolness.
    Word on the flowers! Haha, I really thought I was the only one who doesn't enjoy getting flowers. I always feel bad because my husband likes giving flowers but I'm just not a flower girl. (It's the thought that counts.) Candy though, candy is always good. And don't get me started on how awesome books are as gifts. :)

  16. I love this dress and your cardigan is beautiful. I love how awesome and helpful your friends are with your blog! My friends have no sense of photography and I am too damn awkward to let anyone take my pictures.

  17. As you said this is sweet sweet sweet

  18. This dress is adorable! How nice of your RA, that is so sweet of her. You look so fun! Hope that you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  19. ah, i love the dress and the sweater you are wearing here! you are right! simple, little things are what makes valentine's day so perfect!

    lindsey louise


  20. Thank you so much for your comment, I appreciate it more than you can imagine! Great blog you have here, you're so funny and your honesty is so refreshing! And your outfits are so sweet and pretty, you have lovely dresses and skirts!

  21. Aw this dress is so adorable. That's awesome that your RA gave it to you. Hooray for random free dresses! It looks cute worn as a skirt and I really love your cardigan too.

  22. (Just now catching up on all your posts so that explains the comment overload) I love flowers, althought I really hate stuffed animals. Chocolate, also good. The very first Valentine's Day that I actually had a Valentine I remember thinking "Oh my gosh, this is awesome. I forgot that you get chocolate and stuff on this day." Anyway, I hope you and T.J. found a really great and special way to celebrate for the two of you. Also major score on that dress! How awesome that your RA thought of you!

    perfectly priya