Winter Mint

You wouldn't be able to tell from these photos that were just taken yesterday, but the snow today is insane. So insane, in fact, that my university declared it a snow day and canceled class. For as much as I hate Midwest winter and snow, I couldn't be more grateful for a day off to just do nothing but catch up on TV and blogs. And by catch up on TV, I mean continue re-watching all of The West Wing. Speaking of entertainment (when am I not?), I completely forgot to mention the Academy Awards yesterday. I despise Seth MacFarlane so I wasn't too excited about the show itself, but I'm really happy with all of the winners. Christoph Waltz won and Jennifer Lawrence looked adorable tripping up the stairs. What more could I ask for? Also, does anyone else remember how we all hated Ben Affleck and thought he was a terrible actor until he started directing and turned out to be really good at it? Memories...

Even though I love the top of this dress, I can't stop wearing it as a skirt. I love it even more against blacks and grays which is why I was so happy in this outfit. By the way, if I haven't declared my love for fleece lined tights yet, let it be known that I am utterly obsessed. Where have these things been all my life? Also, let's just ignore the fact that one of my buttons was undone for most of these pictures. Let's also ignore the fact that I wouldn't have brought it up if I really wanted to ignore it.

I should mention that it's 1 p.m. and I'm still in my pajamas, drinking coffee. This is much less stressful than my last snow day, which was freshman year when I was trapped in a dorm full of girls who gossiped about who made out with who the night before and made me watch ABC Family. Sitting in peace and quiet with nothing but Toby Ziegler and hazelnut creamer like a hermit is all I need.

Dress (worn as skirt): Modcloth
Top: Thrifted
Cardigan: Thrifted
Bracelet: Asos
Boots: Cathy Jean


  1. love the skirt it is very pretty,you look great ;)

  2. that skirt--cute cute cute! and haha that's sooo true about ben. he's great now that he's found his place in hollywood!


  3. I am loving this dress as a skirt, It is such a beauutiful colour!! I love it with the polka dot blouse and cardigan. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a snow day to me!

  4. That seriously sounds wonderful right now Elana...what I'd do for a snow day! Although if that happened, it'd probably be just my luck that it'd be on a day I have to
    Love this dress as a skirt too! The black accents make it even better ;)
    Hehe, and I hope CG is into me for real...we'll see!

    Trendy Teal

  5. Have fun with your day off :)

    I really like the idea of tying the o bottom of a button-up like you did here too.

  6. Lovely post + pictures! I love your blog. I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx

  7. You THRIFTED that top?! I feel like whenever I find a polka dot shirt at a thrift store I have won the lottery. That skirt color is amaze (I hate abbreviations but the way Shoshanna uses it in Girls, it just kills) (Also, please tell me you watch Girls) hehe <3<3 <3

  8. Oh you can pretty much guarantee if I don't have class and have nothing to do that day I'll be in my pajamas at 1pm. It's pretty much the best life decision ever.
    Anyway, I love your mint dress worn as a skirt. It's such a pretty color! I'm also loving how super cozy your cardigan looks. And those boots are fantastic!

  9. Your boots! Can I just say that I love your for wearing such practical(and warm!) boots with such a pretty dress? I really like the way they mix together, it's the cold weather equivalent of wearing a leather jacket with a pretty sundress. I know I always harp on how you managed to find the most unique pieces of jewelry but I'll have to say it again, this leaf bracelet is really beautiful and has a very non-mass-produced look to it, it's very whimsical! (Especially against the cold weather look of this outfit, I like that you threw in a item that has a summer or fall fell to it.)

    Thank you for saying you dislike Seth MacFarlane! He really, really irritates me, my husband and brothers all drug me to see Ted and it was just blah. (I think it's his voice. His voice and that he has to do the SAME thing over and over and over. There's a very small threshold for how much family guy-ish stuff I can take.)

  10. Absolutely adorable! Love the color of that skirt!

  11. Ooh, those boots are sooo cool! And yay for snow days! Sadly if we get snow now its usually just me (because I commute to NYC and they never get enough for snow days) so I have to work from home, ha ha...
    I'm not usually a Seth fan but I thought he did pretty good, better than a lot of others in the past :p

  12. Those boots are so fabulous! I wouldn't think they would work with this look, but you have pulled this off flawlessly!

    Pearls & Paws

  13. I wanna be in my PJs at 1 pm. I'm envious. And those boots?!?! You look awesome in them - how do you manage to pull things like this off? I love them with the mint. Totally adorable.

    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

  14. You look absolutely adorable today, I love your skirt and cardi together!

    Have a fantastic week,

  15. Haha - so true about Ben Affleck! Now you just can't help but love him :-) Sheesh - again, cutest outfit ever Elana. I feel like a broken record saying that, but I have just been loving every last piece you are donning. The mint dress gorgeous with the grey and black. Most times I bypass neutrals b/c I am so drawn to color, but seeing this makes me double think. I love it and need to incorporate more grey and black into my wardrobe.

    It's 2:30 here and I am totally in my yoga pants and hoodie today - cheers to bumming it up every now and then!
    xo Marisa

  16. First of all, "winter mint" is the prettiest name ever for this outfit. Second of all, I laughed out loud at work on multiple accounts during the reading of this post, so thank you for that as well! I missed Jennifer Lawrence's trip (probably because I didn't watch it at all), but now I am going to have to you tube that haha. Hooray for a snow day for you!!
    xo Hannah

  17. Ah, I love the mint & black combination - it's like a grown-up version of the hot pink & black I was obsessed with in my early teens :). And YES to fleece-lined tights, my life has never been the same since discovering them!

  18. I can't believe that's a dress! I was just thinking "what an AWESOME skirt". I love the styling of it too. I never bother watching award shows (no cable, just twitter) and they never seem to be that exciting. Though I'm less of a movie gal and more of a tv person. Anyways, you look beautiful!

  19. 1 pm + pajamas + coffee = perfection. I need a snow day!! I swear Utah will never have a snow day, we just deal. And I don't deal very well haha.
    Elana, this is seriously gorgeous!! I just pinned it cuz I'm obsessed. I love this dress SO much and it looks so pretty with the grey and that adorable black polka-dotted top! Sigh...

  20. holy moley i love this outfit, polka dot and mint?! amazing! and im just ever so slightly dying over those boots... they look amazing!xxx
    ps snow days in pjs are the best!!

  21. I love the way you wear this dress as a skirt, you do it like a pro! You look SO cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  22. Love everything about this outfit, you look so soft radiant in these photos! And I love those boots, eek!

    <3 Megan

  23. Fleece lined tights? Sounds pretty amazing! I think it's so cute that you're wearing this dress as a skirt, I need to figure out how to do that too!



    Southern (California) Belle

  24. Elana I love this look its adorable! And I totally agree about Ben Affleck he sucks at acting but he can direct all right!
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage
    P.S following you too!

  25. I love this look so much- it's my favorite combo for winter. Those boots are amazing and I really like that dress as a skirt too. Although I'm sure it's a really cute dress :) Fleece tights sound awesome- I don't really need them in AZ for more than a couple weeks, but they would be good to have! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your snow day!

  26. Your style is amazing and you are so adorable. I've been scanning the pages of modcloth for years and I've created this character in my head I call "The Modcloth Girl" who is epitome of cool, quirky, feminine, and adorable and you absolutely embody her!

    I love how you are pairing the mint dress with black and grey. I had myself convinced mint could only go with other pastels. Silly me! You just saved my beloved but neglected chunky mint sweater. I came make so many more outfits with it now!