Does anyone sometime feel a little...silly posting a bunch of pictures of themselves in the same outfits, just posing different ways? Don't get me wrong, I'm not planning on limiting myself to only one or two pictures per post any time soon and I have a blast taking the pictures, but the whole thing just makes me laugh as I upload them sometimes. It also makes me feel a bit (or a lot) narcissistic at times. I mean, I spend hours upon hours taking pictures of myself and posting them on the Internet. Just the whole idea of personal style blogs is kind of funny when you take yourself out of the picture. I don't know, maybe I'm just having some sort of weird existential moment or something. I'm just glad that I have a whole community of other bloggers who spend just as much time doing this as I do. I love blogging and love reading other personal style blogs, I just like making fun of myself even more. It's sort of a fun past time with me. 

Which brings me to the part where I talk about the outfit, because as much as I like making fun of myself, I love talking about clothes just as much. It's great how much use I've gotten out of this cropped sweater. It's a Forever 21 piece that I picked up for $5 at Buffalo Exchange over the summer and I wear it all the time. It has especially come in handy now that I've adopted a new obsession with wearing sweaters over dresses. This is the first time I've actually knotted it though and I really like the result. This Lush dress is another piece that I wear a lot, but never seem to capture for the blog. It would probably help to show it off if I didn't wear things over it, wouldn't it?

Also, this whole Google Reader shutting down business is the worst. So obviously this is the part where I ask all of you to kindly follow me on Bloglovin' so that way I don't have to cry myself to sleep the night I lose all of my followers. Please spare me from that monstrosity. 

Sometimes I get bored:

Well, I'm off to attempt to work on all of the things I told myself I would do over spring break, but instead sat on the couch watching House of Cards and Friends reruns (I swear those things are on ALL. THE. TIME). Honestly, I woke up every single morning saying, "Okay, I'm really going to be productive today," which I quickly followed with, "Oh, hey. The TV is right there." No shame.

Dress: Lush (Nordstrom Rack)
Sweater: Buffalo Exchange
Boots: Modcloth
Tights: Target
Necklace: Jewelmint
Bracelet: Asos


  1. I love how you layer sweaters! So perfect. And yes, blogging is weird, but that's part of why I only post four or so photos. Any more seems weird.

    Also GFC isn't going away, Google Reader is. They are separate. The only difference is you must read your blogs from blogger dashboard ONLY.

  2. You look so pretty! I love that dress so much!

    TV is the worst when one is trying to be productive! A few weeks ago I sucked into Grimm and harly moved for a week. Blech.

  3. I love the layering going on here, that sweater is sooo perfect over the dress. I love the print on the dress.
    Being a blogger is weird, I make fun of myself for it all the time, and editing photos of myself showing off clothes never gets less weird. It is really fun and I love fashion, but it's just something one can't take too too seriously

  4. I end up taking a lot of detail and other shots - I think for me a lot of my photos have to be in different spots so its' not the same photo. It is weird, but I love it. It's an art of sorts, yknow? Maybe I'm just crazy. And I love this dress - how cute is that print?

    And I follow you on Bloglovin already, but seriously google shutting down reader makes me sad

  5. You are adorable, these pictures are so cute. And I love this outfit, especially with the burgundy tights!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. No shame in doing nothing but watch TV on Spring Break!
    (Or taking pictures of yourself everyday!)
    Love how fun and colorful this outfit is!


  7. You are too adorable! I love your pictures! You outfit is really pretty too, great job at layering!

  8. I also really enjoy knotting sweaters and cardigans over dresses, it's the best!!


  9. I'm like Catherine, I also try to take detail shots of the outfit (whether it makes in into the post or not there is a certain routine about what we always shoot photos of), and of the area/background to help "tell a story." But yeah. It is a little strange when you think about it (also, I make So. Many. Weird. Faces!)

    LOVE the idea of knotting a sweater. You look so darling and I get a lot of fun reading your blog. So thanks for snapping all those shots ;)

  10. Elana, I love reading your posts...haha, you voice so many of my thoughts! YES! I feel absolutely ridiculous at times thinking about how we're all just girls out there taking a ton of photos of ourselves and posing for the internet. I especially feel silly when others stumble across my photo-taking sessions....hehe, that's always embarrassing. Ah well, I still enjoy it! And nope, not gonna cut down on photos either.
    Anyway, love that cropped sweater knotted! It adds a fun, summery touch to your look :)

    Trendy Teal

  11. I really love how you knotted that sweater! And yes! I feel like a loser a lot with my blog (am I allowed to say that)... do I think I'm so fabulous and beautiful that people should be looking at pictures of me??? No.... but I love sharing outfit ideas and getting inspired by other bloggers. It's a weird world - and if you aren't in it, it's really hard to explain!

    Pearls & Paws

  12. I think everyone in their own way feels a little silly taking outfit photos. I don't think it will ever change! But the thing is, we enjoy seeing each others' outfits. I look to so many blogs for inspiration so I'm glad we take these silly photos :). Anyway, I really love that dress and I'm loving your dress/sweater combos lately!



    Southern (California) Belle

  13. I think about that a lot, honestly. I'm super self-conscious when I take pictures of myself and really embarrassed to ask people to do it for me. I also feel weird trying to promote myself and my blog. But I keep going because it makes me happy, and I'm proud of myself and my sense of style and I think it's okay to share that sometimes :)

    Keep up the good work, girl!


  14. Sooo glad i found you!
    A new follower, and you'll see why ;)

  15. Hahahah omg yes. I hate taking outfit pictures but I like it. I just feel so awkward and I never want to have someone catch my little photoshoots! So embarrassing! But you're right it's fun and we shouldn't stop just because of it! I mean, I would have never met you if blogs didn't exist! Ahh!

    I love loveee all the colors here! I need to get myself some colored tights! But I can never think of what to wear them with but you make it look so easy!

  16. You are too cute! I definitely feel weird taking pictures of myself all the time. I don't really tell anyone in the "real world" I have a fashion blog haha.
    I think you can still read all the blogs you follow in the blogger homepage! I looked it up and it's just google reader going away, so you should be keeping all your followers.
    At least I hope so, I'm totally screwed if I'm wrong!


  17. That dress is so cute! I love the way you knotted the sweater over it - I do that with Chambray a lot, but I never thought to do it with a sweater. So fun! As someone who just started style blogging, I feel you about the weirdness. It takes some getting used to! But it's a fun trip :)

  18. Haha yes, style blogging is super weird if you think too hard about it, so I try not to! I enjoy clothes and being part of the blogging community too much! I think it's just a myth that fashion bloggers are narcissistic!
    Anywayyy, I really love the color of your tights paired with your pretty floral dress. The cropped sweater is a great way to wear it in transitional weather. I have a cropped sweater from Forever 21 that gets a ton of wear!

  19. oh my gosh, I always feel super weird about it, and I don't think I'll EVER be able to actually take my pictures anywhere else but my backyard!

  20. Hahaha, don't I know it! I always feel weird when taking photos, not to mention when I see some other blogger taking photos too. I think: "wow, this looks so awkward, do I look like that???"..yes, I do :D B
    ut who cares! I love seeing personal styles of other gals and love sharing mine and I think it has nothing to do with being narcissistic. Because I really don't like myself, but I keep on posting :D
    You have the most pretty style ever!!!

  21. Yes!!! I feel like this all the time. So weird, I nearly shut my blog down on several occasions after friends/family found out about it because it was uncomfortable for me to know that they were looking at all these photos of me "modeling" in my outfits...haha. But I love the community aspect of it so much I just couldn't :)

    Another adorable outfit from you. You always incorporate neutrals so beautifully. The wine colored tights really pop against the navy and turquoise floral print...pretty, pretty!

    As for google....from my understanding, it's not Google Friend Connect shutting down, it's Google Reader, right? I never use my Google Reader, but I suppose a lot of people do. I typically read blogs through the Blogger feed or my own bookmarks....but yeah, google is super frustrating. I don't understand why they always feel the need to take away good things.

  22. I know what you mean, dear, but my pics are a kind of vehicle for my texts which for me personally are very important. But I believe I wouldn´t get any readers if I don´t post any pics.

    You´re looking lovely!


  23. Hahaha, I feel the same way sometimes. I'm that weird inbetween person that isn't against having photos taken of myself, but doesn't necessarily LOVE it either. Granted, I love that I have Annie (majorshenanniegans) to take my photos - we both keep each other really chill and end up looking soooooo cute. (If I do say so, narcissistic-ly, myself)

  24. I love this outfit! The tied sweater is just perfect!

    And I know what you mean, it does feel kind of self-centered, but then I look other amazing gals that I have "met" through blogging (like yourself) and I never ever think, "oh gosh, they are so full of themselves." It is just a weird concept, I guess.


  25. oh god i hear ya... i feel so damn narcissistic about posting a million pics, especially those close-up of my face and the poses and that's why i'm super embarrassed about my colleagues finding out about my blog. and actually i do limit my pics usually a bit more than before because it just seemed too much of the same thing. but anyway, I love buffalo exchange too!! did u know they're from my home state? : ) love this w/ the tied sweater & fun tights + boots. and also this is prob a really weird comment but i really like how straight you're standing in that last pic. i'm kind of obsessed w/ notice that now after all the pain and problems i've had because of my shoulder hunching lately.