Well, it got slightly colder again. But I don't mind too much as I have an inkling this dress will be a bit too heavy to wear regularly in the summer. So if I have to slip into some tights and jackets for a little while longer, so be it. I know I said this the last time I wore this dress in a post, but I honestly think it was made for me. I have this theory that it's the only one of its kind produced and that it was sent down from the clothing gods to wait in that Urban Outfitters surplus store specifically for me. I like to dream big, guys. 

I might be wearing these shoes a little too much and it's possible that they're becoming repetitive, but I don't care. They work with everything and I can't stop myself from gravitating toward them most mornings. Though to be fair, I think I do this every time I get a new pair of shoes.

I'd love to say that things have calmed down at school and work, but it's definitely that point in the semester where everything hits at once. Not only do I have countless projects, but I'm interviewing candidates for editor positions at the paper all week. I love the responsibility I have, but man, does it suck to try to figure out who will work best in each position and just hope that I got it right. Also, those phone calls I'm going to have to make telling some people that I'm not hiring them is by far the worst part of my job. I guess it comes with the territory though, right?

I'm definitely up way later than I should be to write this. No matter how much stuff I have going on, I can't seem to tear myself away from this blog. Even though we all know that I purposely use this as an excuse to procrastinate. Well, this and a ridiculous amount of X-Files episodes. But let's not tell anyone that.

Dress, shoes: UO
Belt: Thrifted
Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack
Watch: Gift


  1. hiya!
    I loved your style a lot, I love polka dots . Your post title caught my eye, it's a Turkish word, do you know this ?
    oh btw I'll be happy if you check out my blog too:=)

  2. Oh I use my blog as an excuse to procrastinate too! You're not alone! It's definitely that horrible time of the semester when every gigantic project is looming in the too-near future. I have sooooo much crap to write within the next two weeks it just depresses me.
    Annnyway! I love this dress so much. It reminds me of my green polka dot dress. I don't get any wear out of my green dress when it's hot, so I definitely understand why you're wearing yours while you still can! I wish it was a little cooler so I could wear more layers. I love your yellow cardigan and cute little t-strap shoes paired with this dress.

  3. Hahaha, I'm as happy as a clam you're using your blog to procrastinate. Use it forever and ever! I would hate to see you go, because of all the work.
    Hope you manage to see through all your projects and busy schedule.
    Love this dress and the yellow cardi is eye popping!

  4. So lovely and cute. Love the dress <3


  5. love that dress - the sleeves are so cute! pairs really well with the yellow sweater (and looks awful cozy too!) best of luck working out all your editor hirings. I'm sure everyone will work out. :]

  6. Completely love that dress and those tights on you. What a gorgeous look!

  7. I've always loved blues and yellows together.

    Now Stranger in Paradise is stuck in my head because of your post's title! :-)

  8. I smile every time I see you in this dress because I just think "Oh, its the Elana Dress!" It is just so you :)

    Oh, wow, end of the semester and also trying to hire people? No wonder it feels crazy for you! And, as much as you might dislike it, calling to say the person did not get a job is classy. I've done interviews where the people don't call back. They send an email or letter or I have to call them. So, you are doing things right, even when it is hard.

  9. the polka dots and yellow cardi is perfect! definitely feel ya, school is nuts! but so so soon it will be all done! wishing you luck in the interviews/decisions you're making!

    perfectly priya

  10. Of course I am loving this polka dot skirt. The blue and yellow look so pretty together. You are just adorable.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    You are so gorgeous and your dress so absolutely cute! Love the pattern on you!

    Have the best week ever,

  12. my favorite pattern and my favorite color combo! Love it :)

    -Emma from

  13. Those shoes fit your style so wonderfully Elana, so its fine they make a reappearance :) You need to do a round up dress post of all your adorable dresses girl, this polka dot number is too cute!
    Oooh, and I don't envy you those calls you have to make. But hey, you're the boss lady now! Aha, and yes, I think we have blogging addiction...

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  14. Girl, if I had those shoes I would definitely be wearing them every day-so no worries. They are perfect. What an amazing dress! It's so classic but fun at the same time and looks like a dream on you.
    Ugh, sorry you have to call people with bad're so sweet though I'm sure it will go off well. What a responsibility!

  15. Ha I totally do the same thing everytime I get a new pair of shoes! Although I tend to buy flashy colored shoes that don't match with everything lol. I do love this dress on you! Especially the sheer sleeves - so cute. And what a cool spot for photos with that rusty gate! Good luck with hiring new editors, that sounds like way too much resposibility for me :)
    Oh, and I used to watch the x-files with my dad all the time as a kid! Didn't think anyone even still remembered it.

  16. This dress is ammmmazing, i love it, and it perfect for the in between weather. I love how you paired it with the bright yellow cardigan, so lovely together. I am like that with shoes too, if I have a pair i love that will be the only pair I wear for weeks/months at a time even though i have sooo many shoes

  17. Whoa, I just have to day that I love your background in these photos, the rock walls with that fabulous gate are so atmospheric! (And really just very cool looking.) I do the very same thing when I get a new pair of shoes, I wear the living daylights right out of them. At least it means you really love them, right?
    I totally understand what you mean about telling people that they don't get the job or stuff like that, I've always felt like a jerk telling people they're not quite what we're looking for. I think it might be worse when you figure that out while you're interviewing them and you can tell a few moments in that it just won't work out, it's like "Do I tell them now so they wont waste their time or just keep going...." Either way, no fun. Good luck with all of the school stuff, it does seem like everything just piles up in those last few weeks.

  18. gorgeous colours you look adorable! I am loving grey tights right now
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  19. That dress! Love it! So cute! Following <3 Alex