Coffee Shops and Etsy Shops

While my eminent departure from my friends and family in Illinois is looming over me, I have to say that I always love the last week of the semester. Finals don't stress me out as much as most people, and I love that my schedule this week allows for some much need cramming in time with everyone I love out here. The reasoning for it is sad, sure, but it's great to have an excuse to for coffee and ice creams dates with everyone every day. 

This particular day was spent at a local coffee shop with some friends for hours, which led to hanging out well into the early hours of the next morning. As we were leaving the shop, Jenn and I made our way to the back of the building to snap these photos. Although I could never see myself settling down in one past college, small towns sure do have the most unique spots for pictures. 

This was also the perfect day to debut my new top from D4discus. I featured a different shirt from the shop in one my posts a little while ago, and I was so excited when Seiko, the designer behind the brand, offered to send me this one. D4discus is Peter Pan collars and nostalgia galore, so naturally I love every piece. Can you believe that out of all of the things I own with collars and polka dots, this is actually my only piece to combine the two? It must have been fate. Plus, it worked perfectly with my red thrifted cardigan that's quickly becoming a staple in my closet.

One of my favorite things about having this blog is the opportunities I've gotten to support small business owners. All of the clothes from D4discus are designed, cut, and sewn from Seiko's studio in London, and many of the pieces are made from vintage fabric. Her shop is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Also, you've still got until Friday to enter Flock Together's $75 Modcloth giveaway!

Top: c/o D4discus
Skirt, cardigan, shoes, belt: Thrifted

While I received this top for free, all opinions in this post are entirely my own.


  1. I just love the adorable button-down back of this top! This entire outfit just screams Elana. Love the polka dots, adorable red cardi, and your shoes :)
    Its good you don't stress too much over finals. I'm kind of in the same boat actually. I feel like I've been learning the material this entire semester really well, so I just need to review now.

    Trendy Teal

  2. Aaaw, I love this top! Adore the dots and details of the collars. Gonna check out this shop :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. love that shirt! always obsessed with polka dots :)

  4. That top is so cute -and your smile is always so inffectious! I am starting to grin just reading the post; bet your friends really enjoyed the night too.

  5. I LOVE those flats! :D And the top is so cute! I love supporting etsy shops too, though I don't shop there as often as I should ;)

  6. That top is sooo cute! I love the peter pan collar and the buttons. So cool that Seiko sent it to you. Her store has the cutest things! And I agree, it's so fun to find and support the small businesses through blogging. I use to only shop at the big stores like forever21 and american eagle and I am so glad that now I know about all the other clothes stores too. I also really like how bright your cardigan is, it's the perfect shade of red :)

    Congrats on your last week of the semester! woohoo summer :D

  7. ohhhhh! the back of that shirt is such a fun surprise!

  8. I had to take a quick look through their shop because, peter pan collars and all, and wow, there are so cute items! (At pretty reasonable prices, especially for being handmade!) I think the cutest thing about this top is that it button ups along the back, its a really fun and unexpected detail!

    Little towns are great for taking pictures in, but I would have to agree with you, I don't think I would want to live in a really small one again. Maybe just a little ways outside of a reasonably sized one, that sounds about perfect to me. (So non-social,but I don't want to have to drive that far for groceries!) This was such a fun spot to take pictures, it looks really quaint. And congratulations on finals being almost over. I was really good about taking notes, so finals weren't too stressful. (Aside from evil algebra, blah.)

  9. this top is really cute I will check out the shop. Hope your studies are going well :)
    xo Ilana
    @ My Modern Vintage

  10. I adore this outfit of yours, the top is so, so pretty! I love shopping at etsy, it's so good to support small businesses!

    Have a great day,

  11. I saw this on Instagram and all I could think of was....perfection! I love how this outfit is a bit nautical and a bit patriotic in the best of ways.

    You are pretty much so just like me when it came to finals week...I never understood why or how people get so up in arms about finals...yes, they can be difficult if you don't study, but the more you stress the harder they are to take.

    Adorable photos as always. Small towns simply do have the prettiest little spots to snap photos :-)

  12. How cute are the buttons along the back of that top? I love it. Love the polka dots too (obvi). I love how charming some local coffee shops can be, I miss that! You look adorable and super pretty as always! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. There is nothing better than coffee shop plus friends!

    How cute do you look? I really love those shoes!

    I hope your finals go ok!

    Corinne x

  14. That top is adorable! A true "elana" top if I have ever seen one :) I love your approach to finals week, I hope you packed in tons of friends and yummy food, happy Friday!
    xo Hannah

  15. That top is so cute and I'm dying over your shoes. And yeah, I don't really get stressed out by finals week. More like "AM I DONE YET?" Because by then my brain has checked out. Oh, and I'm jealous you are back on the West Coast.

  16. Goodness, you look precious! I love the retro look of that blouse, with the polka dots and collar and buttons in the back! Just darling. Following you now!

    May the force be with you.

  17. eee! That red cardigan is just perfect!


  18. Everything about this is adorably perfect.

  19. These are super adorable shoes and your smile is pretty infectious!!!

  20. Your new polka dot top is the cutest! I love the little collar on it. I'm getting a wonderful nautical vibe from this outfit too and that's always a plus in my book.

  21. I feel like I have already said this to you...but I feel (or felt! When I was in college!) the same way about finals! Besides the actual tests, you just get to hang. And studying for long hours isn't so bad when you can just wear comfy clothes and hang with friends!

    Such a cool top. I bet it feels super nice sinec it's handmade and vintage fabric too! Glad you got to collab with her.

    perfectly priya