Bows All Over

As I've mentioned before, I've been cleaning out my closet and swapping my tired pieces for some new ones. One of the best items I've received is by far this Modcloth dress. I barely just got in the mail, but I had to wear it right away. Polka dots AND bows? Ruched sleeves? A faux button down bust? Consider me in dress heaven. All it needed was some cream oxfords and I was in a state of outfit bliss.

In case anyone was wondering about why I haven't talked about what's happening with my internship situation, I'm afraid that I'm still going to keep quiet for a little while longer, save for a tiny update. I did get offered one really incredible one (except for the part that it's in LA and quite the commute for me on a weekly basis), but I don't have a start date. The person who hired me ending up leaving to take another job, and while she said that she was passing my information along to her replacement, I still haven't heard back. She's the only person whose contact information I have, and I finally emailed her again yesterday and asked if there was someone else I could talk to. She gave me an email address, and I contacted the person immediately, but have yet to hear back. Fingers crossed that I hear something soon, otherwise it's going to be slow summer!

Also, I ended yesterday's post by saying that I was about to go watch the newest Game of Thrones episode. I regretted it immediately, due to my now eternal heartache. I just wanted to curl up in a ball the rest of the day. Anyone who has seen it knows what I mean. If you're a fan, I'd love to talk about it with you! And by talk, I mean be miserable together.

Dress: Modcloth (from a swap)
Shoes: Pacsun
Belt: Thrifted


  1. This is definitely a super cute dress! I hope you hear back about that internship from that person's replacement! It'd suck to not be able to have it. Good luck! (I know what happened in GoT even though I haven't read or watched it...and I am so, so sorry for your pain. Maybe really cute things will help?)


  2. That dress is adorable and it looks great on you! I love the colour and print of it and those oxfords are a perfect match for it! Good luck with your internship, I hope it all pans out for you dear :)

  3. Isn't school and internships and all that lot incredibly stressful?! I hope you hear back ASAP :)
    I absolutely love this dress, bows AND polka dots? Doesn't get much better than that :D

  4. You look so cute in that dress! My fingers are crossed for you :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. Good luck hearing back from your internship place! Oh my goodness!

    This dress is just It is exactly your style and that dark blue really compliments your hair color and skin tone!

    As for Game of Thrones... :( right!?!

  6. Oh really beautiful dress swettie!

  7. cute dress and good luck hearing back for the internship! ahh that same situation happened to me with a job a few months ago it's kind of crazy how often people change jobs compare to our parents' generation!!

  8. I can understand not wanting to jinx what's potentially going to happen. Best of luck to you Elana!
    Such a cute dress too

    Trendy Teal

  9. Oh my word, that dress is just so adorable! The bow pattern is just so cute!


  10. I'm completely obsessed with bows so I adore this dress.

  11. I love the bows and the buttons! It's so cute! What swapping site do you use, if any? I've noticed that's been a big thing lately.

    Good luck on your internship & can't wait to hear about it!

    The Style Hippie