Brand I Love: First Rite

For my second "Brand I Love" post, I dug into my old folder full of bookmarked websites of designers and brands that I liked that I hadn't really touched in at least a year. I found a bunch of brands that I liked, but none that really seemed like what I was looking for. Then I opened up the website of First Rite, a brand I found back in the end of 2011 and had completely forgot for some reason. If you're an avid Pinterest-er, you may have seen some lookbook photos from First Rite that have made the rounds considering that's how I was first introduced.

First Rite is a San Francisco based brand by Nikki Garcia that was launched in the spring of 2011. The fact that this brand is so young makes it all the more appealing to me. The maturity, although still fresh, that comes through in Garcia's clothing is incredible to me given that she has only been designing the label for a couple of years now. The brand focuses on minimal shapes and neutral colors, and all of the clothing is made in San Francisco with natural fibers. The thing that resonates with me most about Frist Rite is that the pieces are all on trend with the season, but manage to remain classic. Each collection has a very distinct feel to it, but they're all timeless. That said, there's still in bit of playfulness in the clothing as Garcia isn't afraid to experiment with shapes, open backs, or even masculinity. 

Take a look at more of First Rite's past few collections below, and check out the brands website here.

I am not affiliated with or being sponsored by First Rite or any other brand that may appear in this series. I genuinely enjoy them and want to share them with my readers.


  1. Thanks so much for introducing me to it, it looks amazing!

  2. I love how there is a vintage feel to these clothes but with a modern twist. Sooo pretty. I especially love that polka dot suit in the first picture:) And woohoo, San Francisco :D

  3. Their trousers! Thanks for introducing me to this brand!