Dear dress,
I can't apologize enough for how I've neglected you over the past six months. It wasn't you, it was me. You see, somehow I had forgotten about you, tucked away, waiting patiently to be worn in my closet. It's no excuse, really. How could I have ignored how flattering you are? How was I so blind to to what a standout piece you are? I'm obviously not worthy of your beauty, as I've proved with the way I left you untouched for so long. 
That said, I hope you'll accept my apology and that we can turn over a new leaf together. I'm ready to start giving you the use you deserve. I'm looking forward to pairing you with just about everything, and these peach oxfords seem like a good place to start. They too are versatile, yet unique, and I think you're hitting it off splendidly so far. Mark my words, dress, this won't be the last we see of you for quite some time.

I never did get around to explaining how I damaged my parents' car, did I? Long story short, I misjudged how much space was between the car and a pole when pulling into a tight spot at Nataly's place. Oops. It's not terrible, but because it's part of the bumper, the entire thing needs to be replaced. I'm paying for it out of my own pocket and it is not going to be pretty. So if you've been wondering why I've been pushing the whole shop my closet thing, that's way. I desperately need money right now to pay for fixing this car. One misstep is going to cause my wallet pain for far too long. You guys better get used to the clothes I already own seeing as I won't be buying anything new for a long time.

Dress: c/o eShakti
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Ring, bracelet: Brandy Melville
Belt: H&M


  1. Wonderful dress and I love the way you wrote about it) Great pictures as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. You are too funny. I love this dress on you! And it's okay about the car. We all make mistakes like that at one time or another!

    Love, Amy

  3. That is an amazing dress. I love the subtle nautical touches. How on Earth did you forget about it?!

  4. This dress is amazing and looks great on you! I love rediscovering things in my closet!

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  5. Oh my...that dress is adorable! I love the sailor vibe it gives off with the stripes and the little knot. I also love that you paired it with those pretty coral shoes! :)

  6. hello and thank you for the comment you left on my blog <3 :)
    I think your message to your dress describes the relationship some of my clothes and I have, I may have to dig through them and rediscover something long lost and unloved! x

  7. This dress is SO gorgeous, love it so much!!! What a great rediscovery in your wardrobe :) I love finding things like that in my closet!
    Ugh i hate when that happens, I'm so sorry that you have to pay for that. Such an inconvenience!!

  8. That dress is so pretty! I love rediscovering items that have been pushed to the back of my closet! It's like literally finding buried treasure! lol
    Sincerely, Sara

  9. Oh wow, this dress is gorgeous Elana! Definitely flattering and all sorts of lovely on you :)
    Ouch, that sounds like it'll be costly to repair. That sucks! Hopefully you'll get a lot of clothes sold...I'd help you out, but I'm on a really tight budget too.

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  10. Um this might be one of my favorite dresses of yours! I can't believe you've been hiding it in your closet all this time. You look SO cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. this is a pretty dress and looks great on you! hope you dont forget about her again!

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  12. Ohh I love this eShakti dress! Poor little lonely dress. :) But I actually love rediscovering clothes - it's like they're brand new and you appreciate them even more! I love the shape and style of this one, and the peachy orange shoes are SO adorable with it! And oh no to the car situation :( If I were a size 8 shoe (I'm more of an 8.5-9), I'd buy those oxfords off you in a heartbeat!

    xox Sammi

  13. You look so pretty, that dress is absolutely gorgeous! Love the nautical cut!

  14. That dress. oh my gosh. there are now words! It is so gorgeous and it looks so good on you! And you styled it so perfectly - I love that belt and your shoes! So cute!


  15. Aw sorry about the accident. That really really sucks!
    At least you have this dress to wear still. It's so flattering! It looks so pretty on you and I love the little oxford shoes paired with it.

  16. Oh man, the car damage sucks. Sorry to hear about that. :(

    In regards to this post though- oh where to start? The gorgeous dress or the hilarious words? Okay, first off, I love this letter-to-the-clothes thing. Funny and unique. This dress is fantastic on you. Incredibly flattering, highlighting all the right things, and it has a fun knot detail AND stripes? Plus, it goes with the whole fashionable-but-timeless thing you've been rocking for your internship. Love it!

  17. This is such an adorable dress on you! I love the bottom of it epecially. Great to see it again.

    And that sucks about the car! UGH! And to pay out of pocket! I wish I had been able to snag up your red ASOS dress, but I missed it apparently :(

  18. Ouu that dress is so pretty and it looks great on you! I love the top part of it, very intricate! Sorry to hear about your car troubles dear :(

  19. How has this dress been overlooked for so long?! It's so pretty! I'm sorry to hear about your parent's car and I hope you get the money to fix it soon :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  20. You are too cute! The dress and the shoes really complement each other.

  21. This dress is really great on you! It's so nice to see you transitioning to your summer trends and seeing the dresses as dresses rather than as tops. And your hair is pulled back? Gettin' all different lately.

  22. So glad you got that dress out of your closet - I think it is too fantastic and you look great in it!

  23. Chief. You're talking to your clothes again. Sounds like California is making you lose your mind. Come back.

    P.S. That dress makes your waist look absolutely tiny. Mostly because it is tiny, but partially because of the belt and the fabulous cut of the dress. Yet, that is no reason to talk to it. Fabric can't talk back. They must not teach you anything in college. Love you!

    1. Also, if you look closely at the full body shots, it looks like you have a tail sticking out from your dress.

  24. hahaha, I love this little letter to your dress. Simply genius. You look so pretty, Elana! I love this dress and that lipstick is just GORGEOUS on you! I am glad you took this dress out of your closet and gave it a go ;)

    xo, Alyssa

  25. oh no, that sucks you have to pay for the damage, although I do appreciate it bcuz I always got so upset in HS when friends would crash their parents cars and be like "oh well" and their parents would pay but that's another ramble. this dress realy is lovely on you. and i LOVE those oxfords. a perfect color for them- can go w/ anything but isnt just brown/black, etc. and btw, your dad has a restaurant!? that is super cool, how did we never know? what kind is it?
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  26. This may just be the most perfect dress ever. So flattering, so versatile, and so cute. I have a feeling it will never ever go out of style. And those peach oxfords! Don't even get me started on how much I love those. Note to self: must. buy. a pair. of oxfords. this fall. I still don't own any and that is just ridiculous.

    And that's awful about your parents' car! Once I was driving my parents' car and I hit the car in front of me at maybe 5mph. It was so stupid of me and I felt like an idiot. The damage din't look that bad but it ended up being SO expensive to fix. It was pretty sad. So anyway, I can relate a little. Luckily, I happen to love all of the clothes I've seen you wear so far, so I'm pretty excited to see how you'll be styling those pieces!

  27. This dress is just amazing on you- so classy and nautical! I love love love your style!

    Xo, Hannah

  28. You're too funny! Some of the best outfits can come from rediscovering items stuffed away in one's closet. This dress is absolutely perfect! I love the stripes on the bottom and the flared skirt.