Being a Lady

Sometimes I find it funny that I dress so femininely. Don't get me wrong, I'm most definitely a feminine person. I live for girly clothing and think that make-up is pretty rad. That said, I spend most of my time around guys. I usually mention my girlier activities, like shopping, in my posts since they're more relevant, but in reality, I've spent at least 80 percent of my time this summer having overly-vulgar conversations and cussing up a storm with my best friends — most of whom are dudes. It most likely has to do with growing up with brothers, but I just get along with guys better. I have a good amount of female friends as well, but almost all of them are like me in that sense as well. It's why I had such a horrible freshman year college when I was living on an all girls floor and surrounded by 18-year-old girls who I had nothing in common with. It's also why I love blogging. It's introduced me to so many women who share my love of feminine clothing, nerdy interests, and same sense of humor. If you can slip multiple f-bombs into one sentence while wearing a lace dress, we'll get along just great. Not that I'd do that on the Internet. A girl has to know when to keep it classy after all. ...this is totally the post that potential employers are going to find when I'm applying for jobs next year. I just know it.

That was really just a long way of saying that this is what I wore on Tuesday. I spent the afternoon at my friend Jon's house, watching The Wire, one of the greatest shows of all time. I got sidetracked from watching it a while ago, but I'm on season four now and will finally finish it this time around. Later at night, I crammed in a car with six other dudes to go to a bar in Huntington where my best friend, Adam, was doing stand-up. He was great, and even though a few of the comics were terrible, it was a ton of fun. I honestly wish I could go to stand-up shows every week. 

This top is item no. 2 (3? I don't remember) from my most recent Modcloth order. I had been eye-ing it for a while and knew I wanted to wear it over a dress. I like that proportions are a little different me, but with a mint lace top and subtle polka dot dress, it was still right up my alley. 

Top: Modcloth
Dress: Francesca's Collections
Shoes: UO
Necklace: c/o eFoxcity


  1. I love this outfit! The colors are dead on!

    I used to have a ton of guy friends. They were some of my favorite memories! I think we're drawn to them because they are not so filled with drama :)

  2. that lace top on top of the polkadot dress is super adorable as you are! :)
    great combo and way to tackle overexposed skin!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  3. I love that top! I feel like a lot of the ladies I know who tend towards really feminine styles (myself included) tend to be super strong-willed and not nearly as demure as they let on! I kind of love the duality of it.

    Ladyface Blog

  4. Girl I wish we lived closer, I feel like we would get along so well irl!
    I clean up my language a lot for the blog, too. I mean, mostly haha.
    I love these little polkie dots on you, and lace is always A OK.


  5. I feel the EXACT same way - I always wished I could get along better with girls my own age! I grew up with a small litter of older brothers and have basically been taught their mentality. As I went to college it got easier, but I still drift to more traditionally "masculine" things. And it's awesome! Cute post (and I love the outfit too!).

  6. I love this pretty top on you, it's so cute! Love the color. Though I don't really have that many male friends, I think we're really similar in a lot of ways. Yes, I'm girly and love girly things, but my friends and I are not as delicate as we seem. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. I'm so with you--more often with my guy friends than gals! Cute top girl :)

  8. I love what you wrote! Although my best friends are all girls, I grew up with two younger brothers. I may be small and like wearing purple, but I curse up a storm! haha! I love your top by the way!

  9. You're my kind of gal, I love crude humour and cussing up a storm! Definitely the result of having two brothers, I have plenty of friends that are boys and plenty that are girls, they're all awesome and appreciate my potty mouth.
    LOVE this look, that mint coloured lace top is gorgeous with the polka dotted dress

  10. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    I love this colour on you, suits you so well!
    I think I have mainly female friend but my boyfriend sometimes tells me off for being so manly, haha!

    Have the best day ever,

  11. Mint goes well with your hair color.. loving this adorable outfit!

  12. Pretty blue dress! The color looks really nice!

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  13. I love that you just dress the way you dress becuase it is something you love, not because it is "expected" for a certian personality type or because of who your friends are. I think that's rad. You're right though, blogging is great for getting a community (even if it is a mostly virtual one) that one can share a passion for fashion with. And you are wearing mint, so that it always great.

    It is kind of funny to think that you use a lot of cussing in your everyday speech, but I think that is because I don't see it in the blog and that's the only place I know your "voice." (in fact I feel bad saying it surprises me. People always used to say that to me because I didn't cuss much in high school. Picked it up in college and got years of people saying "I didn't know you cuss!" and acting like I'd committed virgin sacrifice in front of them or something. But now I teach kids so over the years the cussing has mostly dropped back out of my everyday speech. It was embarrassing the one time I cussed in front of kids. (one fellow teacher has gotten around this by coming up with silly cussing like "Oh, Fiddlesticks" which the kids pick up on and use too. It is rather hilarious but also unsettling because you know what that words should really be!) )

  14. Cuuute! I love the lace and polka dots! I didn't have unfortunately I'm girly through and through. Sometimes I wish I were better at tomboy things though like sports, but alas that is not the case, haha. The internet is a funny place, I can't imagine the f-word coming out of your mouth!! lol

  15. Ummm hello? I feel like I'm listening to a description of myself! I love to dress up and look like a girl, but 90% of my friends are dudes and lesbians lol. I just connect with men on a different level. I would have never thought that you would be the same way because of your outfits, it's an exciting surprise! Can't wait to see you on Sunday!



    Southern (California) Belle

  16. As if reading your blog hadn't already, this post really made me want to be your friend! Wearing lace and dropping f-bombs is my specialty. ;)

  17. As if reading your blog hadn't already, this post really made me want to be your friend! Wearing lace and dropping f-bombs is my specialty. ;)

  18. Mixing masculine + feminine pieces is one of my favorite things to do to mix up my style, and it's so interesting that you have a few "male" sensibilities like cussing but love to dress femininely! It's so great that you are confident enough to express both your male and female sides in your fashion and personality! Love this dress!

    Xo, Hannah

  19. I like gals like you. I like gals who like girly stuff but aren't too overly girly and prissy. I do pepper my conversation with the f word a lot though I use it in a funny way and only to my good friends or people who could accept.

    I also agree with you about the blogging community. There's lots of love going on around here and nobody would ever eye you for your quirkiness or eye you just coz you don't belong or don't behave like how others perceive is right.

    I hopped over from the lovely Ali's blog btw.

  20. Haha you make me laugh Elana. I find it easier to get along with guys as well, they're just more...real! Girls get so catty and subtle in their meanings, it makes it difficult to desipher what they're getting at 0_o
    Anyway, love your girly outfits, and I do think its quite funny how it contradicts your raunchy humor :P
    I think its the same thing with my spikes and edgy pieces I love to wear. Something I like about the way it completely contradicts my sweetness. It balances things out I guess

    The Dragonfruit Diaries