Night Out

You didn't think I was going to make it all week long without a post, did you? Despite being busy all week at home, I still remembered to pack my tripod and found some time to take pictures back in my trusty spot in my backyard. This outfit is a little bit different for me because it's mostly black on black, and I thought it was funny that an outfit so simple was still considered "mixing it up" slightly for me. What can I say? I like simple things. My friend Alena and I found a fancy Goodwill on Monday — no, really. It exists. It was called OC Boutique (or something like it), but all of the clothes had Goodwill tags on them. I'm sure you can imagine my joy. I walked out with this Audrey 3+1 black dress for a steal, and I couldn't resist the flattering shape or nude lining. When you're on a broke college student's budget, nothing is as appealing as a versatile piece that can be worn a million ways. 

Of course, the best part of this outfit is by far the necklace. My sister-in-law, Elyse, put up a picture on Instagram of a few of these necklaces that she was making them about a month or so ago. I hinted that she should make me one too, and she gave me this one when I got in on Saturday. I don't have anything like it, and I've already worn it with two different outfits since she gave it to me. I really can't get enough of it. Don't you think she should sell them?

This is what I wore on Monday night for a night out with a few of my best friends. As much as I've been having fun going out lately, I still don't think I'll ever be a true bar person. This outfit was my way of not looking like a child like usual, but still wanting to dress like myself. This, my friends, is why I like coffee shops better. I can wear as many collars and pleats as a I want, and I don't have to worry about the barista thinking my ID is fake. The pains of looking like a 16-year-old.

I'll have a bigger recap of my week another time, but I've been having a blast at home. It's always wonderful catching up with best friends and family after being gone for three months, plus the food doesn't hurt either (as usual, I got In N' Out on the way home from the airport). The best part by far, though, is the weather. I know it started snowing back in the Midwest since I left, so being in 70 degrees and not wearing a jacket in November is even more satisfying. Sorry to gloat, Midwest friends. I can't help it that California is perfect this time of year.

Dress: Thrifted (Audrey 3+1)
Cardigan: Target
Boots: Endless
Necklace: handmade by my sister-in-law


  1. I'm also much more of a coffeeshop person. That necklace really is delightful and she *should* sell them!

  2. Cute dress!! Loving the necklace! I agree, she should sell them! I'm more a cafe person too! The idea of going to a bar makes me sweat. I like relaxed environments I guess!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Sincerely, Sara

  3. I really am all about this all-black outfit. It looks...sophisticated and put-together (not that you aren't always) but very chic. I think all black can sometimes looks boring but this doesn't. The variety of textures keeps it interesting (leather boots, sheer shirt and more opaque leggings)

    Happy Holidays!

  4. This is a really gorgeous dress, loving the black!! It's a simple look, but so pretty and well put together. This necklace is a really fun piece too, a nice pop of colour :)

  5. Black and white and a hint of turquoise-- I like it! Can't go wrong with that color combo.

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! <3


  6. She should definitely try selling these necklaces! I'd buy one, that's for sure. Love the turquoise color of the spikes.
    Also, I may not be old enough to go to bars, but I think I'll always remain a faithful coffee shop gal. Haha, we'll see in a couple years though...

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. oh, Elana! you look beautiful and that necklace is so cute!!! I miss you terribly and I'll see you in a few weeks during winter break, okay????

  8. Awesome handmade necklace, it's the perfect pop of colour! Great look too, I love this black and white combination!

  9. I love this style post! Excellente!


  10. You look adorable :) I'm clearly a fan of white & black outfits! Plus the pop of color that necklace gives is perfect! Oh and let me tell you that I seriously loved your about me, especially this quote "documenting my time as the only student on campus who refuses to wear sweats to class". It made me laugh!! haha :)

  11. Super cute! I love that necklace. Can't wait to hear more about your time at home! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

    Ladyface Blog

  12. Cute outfit, I love your boots!


  13. Love the necklace!! I wish I could make one! I also really love your black outfit.

  14. Love the accessories you paired with this outfit :)

    <3 Megan

  15. You always have the best accessories - simple but totally pulls the entire look together!