It's a Lie

I'll be honest; looking at these photos, this isn't exactly my favorite outfit. It's not the worst though, and I think it's good to show an outfit here and there that I wore, even if I can't rave about it. I wore this to work yesterday, and I think my biggest problem is that I'd like it much more without the tights. Unfortunately, despite the fact that it looked warm outside, the sunshine was a lie. It was not in fact a nice spring day as I had hoped, but actually pretty chilly. Or maybe I just don't like how this jacket ended up looking with this dress. Either way, hey, here's an okay outfit that I wore yesterday.

I had a decent, if not uneventful weekend, in case you were wondering. I spent Friday afternoon "interviewing" the new editor-in-chief (my friend/our photo editor was the only one who applied, so he got it by default, but he's more than qualified), which was a weird experience. I'm really happy for him and I know he'll do a fantastic job, but I'm still not ready to hand the job over soon. That night, we all went out and celebrated with him at our favorite bar, and it was a great time. I ended up spending most of Saturday with my brother, sister-in-law, and their kids, and decided to stay in and watch "Veronica Mars" at night. Is my life exciting or what? I'm not sure why I feel the need to recount my weekends, but I have nothing better to do, clearly.

Hopefully it's not too cold this week so I can actually post an outfit that I'm proud of, but even if I don't, there's something to look forward to. Do I smell another giveaway headed your way?

Dress: Monteau (gift from Jenna)
Jacket: H&M
Flats: UO
'Necklace: Francesca's Collections
Rings: UO & Loopsway


  1. Oh, and here I actually really like this outfit. Something about jean jackets and stripes, I just like. But totally know what you mean about liking somethings better without tights!

  2. "the sunshine was a lie" haha that made me laugh for some reason. It's so true, though. I looked outside and it was bright but it was also 34 degrees. Liekwhut.

    I like this outfit lots, personally! I applaud anyone who can pull off a jean jacket since it's something I've never been able to do (or tried, really, oops). And those vertical stripes are a fun twist!!

  3. Awwww! I think you look adorable and at least the sun made an appearence am I right? Love the striped black and white dress and those rings are oh so cute. Never seen Veronica Mars before.... should I watch it?
    Sending warm wishes your way!!!

  4. I totally feel you on that whole "looks warm enough, but the sun was a lie" because gosh that is my entire life. Sometimes I just go with it and pretend I'm not dying.

    I personally love this dress and jacket on you. It makes me miss spring and I am so thankful that you are watching VM. TEAM LOGAN.

    I also have a problem when I don't love the way an outfit looks and so I sit on it for awhile and then suddenly I love it. Man, perspective is great.

  5. Well, I think it's super cute! I love that jean jacket. Even though your weekend was sort of uneventful, I think it sounds great! I love a good lazy weekend and wish I had them more often!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  6. The dress looks nice even with the tights :) Love the addition of the red necklace.
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

  7. You look lovely in this striped dress! I love stripes :) and the necklace is also super super cute!
    Thanks so much for your last comment!
    Lots of love!

  8. Oh, I love the striped dress and your rings! I posted an outfit I wasn't keen on this week, I think it's important to document the good and the bad. We have the same weather here, only our sunshine is mixed with hail stone and rain! xx

  9. Actually I really like this outfit! That striped dress is GORGEOUS and I like that you dressed it down with your denim jacket. Your jewelry adds the perfect finishing touch :)

  10. Ahh love this dress! Can we share clothes lol! :)

  11. That striped dress is perfection!