What's Old is New

I've been trying my best not to shop at the moment. I haven't bought anything since spring break, and I even passed on Modcloth's stylish surprises, which I never do. In an effort to actually have some self control this time, I've been digging into my closet, pulling out items I haven't worn in a while, and trying to put things together in new ways. I actually wear this dress much more than it appears on the blog (I actually think I've only taken pictures in it once), yet somehow this is the first time I've worn it as a skirt. It has such an interesting pattern though, so I think it really livens up an outfit. To be honest, the only reason why I haven't worn this button down in forever is because it's been wrinkled, and I've been too lazy to iron it. I'd like to not admit how often that happens with clothes I own. And to top off an outfit full of rarely seen items, I decided it was time to bring this Hello Cheeseburger necklace out again. It's gorgeous, but it's sometimes a little too much for class. I decided to hell with it yesterday and figured that even days filled with nothing but class and work are deserving statement necklaces.

I'm really excited about today's non-outfit news, but I don't think I can go into too much detail yet. I've been lamenting about my struggles with the job market, but remember how I said that hopefully one week I would just hear back from a ton of places? Somehow that joke turned into a reality, and as of Monday, I lined up four interviews. They're all with unpaid internships, which isn't exactly ideal, but I do need to get internship credit for college. Plus, with the job market so terrible, I don't think it's a bad idea to start off with an internship (or two) and hope that I prove to be so much of an asset that I get hired on at the end of summer. I had one interview that went extremely well yesterday, and I'm particularly excited about at least one more of them. They're all fashion/media related, so I can't wait to share whichever one I end up with. Look, Ma. I'm finally maybe going places.

But let's focus on what's really important: who watched Sunday's episode of "Game of Thrones?" We need to talk. Never has an ending been so satisfying. 

Button Down: Madewell
Black & White Patterned Dress (worn as a skirt): UO
Necklace: c/o Hello Cheeseburger
Boots: H&M


  1. Blah, Game of thrones is one of those shows that puts me to sleep every time. I still think it's a good show, but it moves so darn slow. I know the books are with a Bible length, but still, they could have made the show progress with a normal pace.
    As for the outfit I like the new idea to use this dress as a skirt! And I love this necklace, so shiny! *_*
    Crossing fingers for the internships! ^^

  2. Ya know, I have been kinda interested in watching Game of Thrones. I just wasn't sure if I would like it or not. I do not entirely know what it is about...but I do like fantasy and sci fi so maybe I would like it.

  3. Well, personally, I hope you end up with a job that is paying, not just an internship because anywhere would be lucky to have you- you have great writing skills, good leadership skills and quite obviously are hard working. Still- interviews! For jobs you are excited for! That is always good and I wish you the best of luck with them.

    I like the necklace with the collared shirt.

  4. Love this geometric chunky necklace you got going on! It looks great with that skirt. Perfect!

  5. Unsolicited advice: if you can get an internship, do it. I graduated with my masters a year ago and have struggled finding work in this market because of my lack of experience, despite some strong jobs I held during my degree... Unfortunately for me, a lot of places in my field are restricting internships to current students, so while you don't want to exactly jump on the first thing when haven't heard about paying positions, an internship with a credible organization external to school experience is definitely worth it! Good luck on all fronts :)

  6. Thank U for your good mood ;) !!!
    Always looks sincerly ;) !

    Les Selfies de Pauline

  7. Haha, I'm with you on the never ironing things; I don't actually own an iron or ironing board, but if I did I would rarely use it. I just... wear clothes wrinkly, ha!
    This outfit is so cute! I need to start using my clothes in inventive ways, too; my closet is so full, and there's a lot I haven't worn in a while!
    I can't wait to hear about your job news!

  8. Hey, as an occasional reader and fellow journalist, I'm so happy you have some interviews lined up! It's not the easiest field to break into, but just be patient. When I had my unemployment slump a few years ago, I just told myself that it just takes one opportunity. I eventually got an internship, which quickly turned into a full-time job. And now I'm a beat reporter somewhere else. The job market isn't awesome. The market has never been easy for media people, but don't let people fool you thinking there aren't opportunities out there. They just take awhile to find sometimes.

    PS Love the geometric skirt/dress. :)

  9. omggggg! can't wait to hear which internship you land girl! so excited!!!!!

    also i love when bloggers style older pieces. it's nice to know that we're not always feeding into this frenzy of buying stuff all the time. i need to weed out my closet soon so i hope i find some gems i've been missing.

    at this volume

  10. YEAH GO ELANA!!! See, I told you! Haha, that is so awesome, can't wait to hear more about the internships and which one you go with :D
    I love the lilac button down with the statement necklace.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  11. WoohoooO! I'm glad you've got FOUR OF THEM lined up! You're gonna do great, girl. Isn't it stupendous when things turn around?

    Dat top combined with your snazzy statement necklace has me head over heels, btw.

  12. Hey Elana, just followed, lovee your outfit tres chic!x