Cry Baby

In an attempt to remix more items in my closet rather than shop, I decided that I should play around more with print mixing and unexpected color combinations. When it comes to print mixing, I figure that nothing really works better than stripes, and I was excited at the prospect of making a striped tank work over this floral dress. I could be wrong, but I'm quite pleased with the result, and the addition of my utility vest made for a perfect summer look for babysitting my adorable 4-year-old nephew last week. Also in this outfit is the blog debut of my new sandals from Threadsence. My other black sandals were falling apart (RIP), so I've been on the hunt for a pair to replace them. Luckily, my girl Leeds from At This Volume hooked me up with a 20% off code for Ruche and Threadsence, so I was able to get these for a steal. They're exactly what I was looking for, only slightly more unique that I was imagining (in the best possible way). I will most likely be wearing these suckers with everything from now on. By the way, the discount code is still active, so if you want to get a great discount at Ruche and/or Threadsence, and if you want to help Leeds win a contest at her awesome place of work, just email me or her. 

For anyone who cares about my non-outfit related life, I had a really good weekend. I went to a comic book shop on Friday evening with my friend Adam and his girlfriend partially to support my friend Whitney (who was throwing an event to promote "Transformers" for her Paramount job) and partially to get some suggested for what comics to read next. Adam has been lending me some graphic novels lately, and I've really been enjoying getting into it so far. Other than work on Saturday, I got to see my lovely friend Nataly, who I met through blogging a couple of years ago (she's since gone on blogging hiatus, but I'm hoping she comes back soon), who I hadn't seen since last summer. Nataly, her sister, and I went thrifting for a little while and came out fairly successful, and then got ice cream after. I spent Saturday night with five of my closest guy friends watching a ridiculous movie and trying not to fall asleep while they all yelled at the screen. It's always very exciting in my world, isn't it?

I really do have an entertainment-specific post scheduled to go up either tomorrow or Wednesday, but I should mention the movie I watched last night. I was pumped to see "Short Term 12" on Netflix since I had read rave reviews about it and Brie Larson's performance when it come out last summer. It was a fantastic heart-wrenching little film, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but it actually made me cry. Most of you were surprised when I admitted a while ago to never having cried in a movie, but the streak is finally over. The movie was just that good, but who knows? Maybe I'll suddenly start crying at anything and everything that I watch from now on. Or maybe I'll just continue to be an emotionless robot.

Vest: Old Navy
Tank: Target
Dress (worn as skirt): Ruche
Lyanna Cutout Sandals: Threadsence


  1. Such a cute outfit, Elana- those sandals are too cute! :) Sounds like a nice weekend~ I love reading graphic novels from time to time. Anyway, you know another movie that could probably make you cry? I'd suggest "The Fault in Our Stars"!! Heard the entire theatre was crying, haha! But I'll definitely find out more about "Short Term 12"!! :)X Have a great day!

    Chic Nikkie

  2. The tank and skirt definitely look great together. Stripes and florals are so great. And of course, the utility vest is working over time in the department of amazingness. Those sandals are along the lines of what I've been working for too. They're the perfect purchase.

  3. I love the patterns in this outfit a LOT and your weekend sounds like so much fun. Also I love Brie Larson so I am definitely watching that movie. Also I cannot wait for your post!

  4. Agreed- stripes work great for pattern mixing as this outfit so clearly shows.

    As for graphic novels- I took a class for graphic novels as an emerging literature and loved most of the ones we read, especially Persepolis, if you haven't read it yet.

  5. I love when bloggers remix outfits because its more relatable to what real life is like. No one has an endless closet filled with different clothes for everyday ( although I wish). I liked how things came together for it! Sounds like you've had a fun & busy weekend!

  6. Prints mixed perfectly! Who would have thought stripes and florals would look so chic together!

    As for graphic novels, it's funny you mention this because I just started reading Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. Have you read it? It's so beautifully tragic. I highly recommend it!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  7. Hey man, seeing friends and having a great time is super exciting! Sometimes it's just nice to keep busy, so yay you! Your print mixing is absolutely deliiiiiicious and I love how you tied that top! <3 Have a good rest o' the week, my sweet. :)

  8. I love the print mixing! But, as I mentioned on Instagram, we were basically twinsies today, so I can't help but love this look!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  9. Love this--stripes and flowers are perfect!

  10. I love the stripes mixed with the floral (: such a cute outfit!

  11. cute outfit. love the print mix!
    and yay to comic book stores! hehe. I used to love going to them but, we don't see many nowadays!

  12. I looove pattern mixing, and stripes and florals are always a good bet. You did a great job, I love this outfit Elana!

  13. Love the remixed look! Stripes seriously work for everything.

    What kind of graphic novels have you read? My S.O. has been trying to push me into them for years, expecting me to get into Batman or Green Lantern, but I always go for the ones based on fact. Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story and My Friend Dahmer have been some of my favorite reads.

  14. Pattern mixing always wins! And black and white stripes are the perfect item to match with pretty much any other pattern out there. Adding your cargo vests just completes this look in the most perfect way :) Did you pick up any comics while you were there?

  15. Oooh I love the print mixing of stripes and florals - they're a classic combo!
    But you pull it off so adorably :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  16. Stripes and florals are so great together :D Are there any other good graphic novels you have liked so far?

  17. WHO IS TAKING YOUR PHOTOS NOW?! Because if these are all with a tripod and remote then I'm going to kill you for how well they turn out. Also, I'm very proud of your pattern mixing. Very chic :)


  18. You look cute as a button as always! Love the vest with this floral and strips... works well!

  19. You are a pattern-mixing dream! And Short Term 12 had a very similar effect on me. It was incredible.