Well Red

One of these days I'm going to learn to write my posts ahead of time instead of late at night the day before, but until then, here's a short Friday post for you. I got coerced into going out for a couple of drinks with two of my best friends on a Thursday night (when I'm writing this), so I'll leave you with this:

1. I picked up this H&M dress for $10 at Buffalo Exchange recently, and I've been wearing it nonstop. It's flattering, comfortable, and in the best color. 
2. These sandals have barely left my feet since I got them, which I think is pretty understandable.
3. I am all about the cateyes this summer.
4. If you couldn't tell, I've been having a really good time with all of my friends at home. I did try to fight going to the bar last night in favor of going to sleep early, but I'm happy they convinced me to go. 
5. My internship is still going great, and I love that I've been given more responsibility. It's a little challenging, which I like, and I'm already learning a great deal about PR and social media. 
6. I'm so happy with the response I got from my pop culture post. I was a little nervous about posting something not even a little fashion related, and mostly nervous that no one would care, but it was so great to read your comments on it. I love that everyone who read it picked out something different from the post that they also liked, and I really hope I convinced some of you to watch/read/listen to something new. I definitely plan on making it a weekly or bi-monthly thing. 

I hope you all have a great weekend! I have work both tomorrow and Sunday, but I'm hoping that I get off early tomorrow afternoon to make it to Corgi Beach Day. In case you're wondering, yes, it is just a day where people bring their corgis to the beach, and no, I don't have a corgi. But would you pass up the chance to see hundreds of adorable dogs at the beach together? I would hope not.

Dress: H&M via Buffalo Exchange
Sandals: Threadsence
Sunglasses: Modcloth


  1. The fabric of that dress is awesome so I don't blame you if you neither take off that dress or those sandals all summer. Also Im glad your internship is going so well! The Corgi Beach Day sounds like the most amazing event ever, I love dogs and while I don't either have a corgi I would never ever pass up a gathering of any dog breed in one place. Im just imagining all those puppies in one place, all cute and stuff! I may or may not have a slight dog obsession.

  2. This dress looks so cute on you! I love the fabric, the lenght of the arms and the free back. Really beautiful and so perfect for any occasion- for a casual outfit or a nice summer party :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Corgi Beach Day?! I would probably die from being exposed to all that cute. That's a great dress -- the color and texture are both awesome and it looks so good on you! I have a bit of a sandal obsession at the moment and I'm loving these.

  4. I need to sit down and read your pop culture post. There was so much to read and learn! I'm always out of the loop with that sort of thing. You are absolutely glowing in that dress!

  5. Oh my word, what a dress! And you found it for $10? STEAL!
    The red color is gorgeous and the fit is fantastic!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. you look GREAT in red! what a great find! I have definitely had moments where I don't want to go out in favor of sleep/laying low, but I rarely ever regret going out!

    also, I don't know where this photo spot is but it's beautiful. enjoy your weekend!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  7. Love that red dress~ so bright and colourful; it's perfect for summer! Hope you have a fun time at the beach, with lots of corgis!

    Chic Nikkie

  8. That is an adorable dress- I like that it has a subtle pattern to it.

  9. Glad to hear your internship is going great! ^_^ And I freakin love that dress, the color is a winner! ^^

  10. This dress is indeed a beauty on you, kudos for rocking this intense color :) Have fun at Corgi beach, sounds adorable!


  11. Oh wow- this dress is amazing on you, such a great color and fit. I love finding gems at Buffalo. I'm so glad you are liking your internship! I am really bad about scheduling posts, I finally did for our last vacation and it was such a relief :)

  12. Wow this dress! You look fab! Red is a wonderful color on you! And the fact that it was only $10 is even better!

  13. I always am happy when I'm convinced to get out and do something instead of staying in, but dragging me out can be difficult sometimes! The couch is just so comfy. And I completely get writing all your posts the night before. I'm guilty of the same thing. Rarely am I ahead of schedule!

    Also I don't blame you for wearing this dress constantly. It's so cute, a great color, and what a bargain too! I love the flats you're wearing here too.


  14. What an amzing purchase! Red is your color girl!!!

  15. Oh my gosh Elena!! That dress is probably my favorite thing that you own! You look absolutely stunning in red and fit and material just looks so wonderful on you! And those sandals are SUPER adorable! I can understand why you haven't taken them off~

  16. Corgi Beach Day sounds positively amazing and adorable. I love this dress on you! The bold red is quite lovely <3