Holland, 1945

Are you ready for this, world? I'm wearing a T-shirt. Not only that, but I willingly bought the T-shirt, AND I was excited about it. I wasn't even still sick. I honestly don't remember the last time I wore a T-shirt that wasn't for work or to bed, but since last week's concert was most likely the only time I'll ever see Neutral Milk Hotel live, I figured that I had to get a shirt to commemorate the event. I thought about getting a tote bag, but I have a million and one of those, and I couldn't get over how awesome this shirt was. Plus, if I've learned anything from Jessica of Midwest Muse (among other things), it's that band T-shirts can, in fact, be stylish.

I swear after this post I'll stop talking about Neutral Milk Hotel, but I'm still on a high after the concert. It doesn't help that my weekend wasn't extremely eventful so it's not like I have anything else very exciting to talk about. Other than re-watching "30 Rock" for far too many hours, I got lunch with my friend Christian, watched some episodes of "Party Down" with my friend Jon, and had great pizza and beer with my family. So basically, my weekend (like most of my life) just consisted of food and TV. It's really all that matters in life.

Also, I'm super happy to have my sister-in-law Elyse helping me with pictures again. Of course, my nephew wanted to be in most of the photos, so about half of the pictures we took have an adorable 4-year-old in them. I'll have to post them in my next bloopers post because they're pretty damn funny and cute.

T-shirt: Neutral Milk Hotel concert
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Express via a swap
Sandals: Threadsence
Jewelry: Fifth & Mae


  1. I love band/ graphic tshirts! They can be totally chic. :) So glad you grabbed this one, it's so cool. :) And love the fifth and mae jewelry!

  2. You dressed it up so cute! The sweater/sandals/skirt all compliment the tee awesomely. And really, besides food and tv, what more can you really want?

  3. Well for not wearing t-shirts, you sure rocked this one!! Still dressed up with a skirt and adorable flats :) Hey, if something you did made you THAT happy, I say ride the happy train until the next thing rolls around. It sounded like it was an experience to remember!

  4. I'm still so jealous of you going to that concert. They played here some time last year and it sold out in like three minutes and fans here are the WORST so I didn't go. I am now regretting that forever! This shirt is perfect and looks super cute on you. I am glad you are feeling better and want you to talk about the show forever.

  5. I love that you dressed up a t-shirt so well and made it totally "you"

    And I'll bet those are some good bloopers, so get those up, lady!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  6. Aw, I love this look! You look super casual and cute in a t shirt!


  7. I'm a pretty big fan of pairing band tees with skirts and cardigans, so of course I love this outfit times a million. It still looks very 'you'.

  8. Hahaha, I love you in a t-shirt! :D And what a cool t-shirt it is! Tv and food, ain't that the life! Munching a burrito and watching Stargate Sg-1 is my kind of weekend!
    Love the cardi too, is it finally getting colder there? :D

  9. I usually don't wear tshirts either but Ive found that you can give a dress or skirt a more casual feel but still look so cute by wearing tshirts with them! I also think that Jessica always pulls that off as you said! I always have a hard time deciding what merch to get at concerts lately its been none at all because I feel like I leave the tshirts sitting in my closet and I have so many totes but that seems like an experience worth buying a tshirt for.

  10. Kind of funny that I was just posting about suddenly wearing T-shirts too today... You look great in it though, still quite stylish. Also, you are having one rockin' hair day in these photos!

  11. Wow I didn't realize it was such a big deal for you to wear a t-shirt! I will always love a graphic tee paired with a skirt or dress. So cool and so cute. And the shoes! Love 'em.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  12. I think you nailed the making a band tee stylish. Also, still very jealous you got to see them liiiiive!