Good Night

Funny story about these photos: I had been trying to take outfit photos for the past four days, but it just didn't happen. Saturday and Sunday were extremely windy, and it ended up raining on Monday. It's no "Snowpocalypse," but it still wasn't prime outfit taking weather. Then, I planned on taking outfit photos after work yesterday. Somehow, I got distracted by the Internet and cleaning out my room, so by the time I decided to do it, it was getting dark. It's weird, because I almost never get distracted by the Internet when I should be doing something else (this is false). I hadn't really figured out what I wanted to wear for them, so I kind of threw on an outfit I was planning on wearing later this week. I snapped a few pictures, but when I looked at them, the outfit looked terrible. Panicking, I left my camera and tripod outside and ran in to change quickly. I grabbed whatever I had been wearing already -- this -- and ran back outside. In the few minutes I had been inside, it had gotten darker. Then I realized that I had left my camera remote upstairs. It was a whole thing.

So what I'm left with are a little too dark pictures, which I decided were just going to have to do the trick. I even included my look of sadness as I was taking them. I wasn't really planning on taking pictures in this last minute outfit, but it combines two of my absolute favorite pieces in my closet, so I'm glad I did. Who needs creativity, or even light, when you have a mustard thermal and a thrifted BB Dakota skirt?

I wore this for my weekly Parks and Rec night with my friends. We've started having dinner that reflect the characters beforehand because we take this shit seriously. Last week was steak and potatoes for Ron, and this week was Treat Yo Self night for Tom and Donna. We had "chicky chicky parm parm" and giant cupcakes. Next week we're thinking of eating cereal out of frisbees for April and Andy.

As for what else I've been up to, the biggest highlight of my year so far came from going to a Harmontown taping on Sunday night, where David Cross showed up. Arrested Development is my favorite show of all time (next to Breaking Bad), so to get to see Cross, especially while I'm watching through Mr. Show, was incredible. He had a serious talk with Dan Harmon and Kumail Nanjiani about religion, and was crazy funny the rest of the show. I somehow managed to keep it together during the entire podcast.

Top, flats: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Thrifted BB Dakota


  1. I love the floaty floral and actually really like the lighting in these Elana! I thought the same thing about my recent post too being kind of dark haha. Also, the sad face one is definitely my favorite.
    xo Hannah

  2. First of all, this outfit is ADORABLE. That skirt is perfection; what a great thrift find.

    Secondly, your Parks and Rec time sounds amazing and I not have another reason to be jelly that I don't live in California. The first is definitely the lack of snow.


  3. I loooove this skirt, and the lighting here reminds me of warm summer nights, which is a very nice thing to think of when you've been out in 19 degree weather. :) And omg I love David Cross. Mr. Show is hysterical.

    xox Sammi

  4. A seriously dreamy skirt that pairs perfectly with that golden tone.

    Also- love that dinner tradition!

  5. It's so frustrating when you try taking outfit pictures all the time but they never work out! I'm so glad you finally got some; this outfit is SO perfect. Combining two of your favorites = win!

  6. I saw this outfit on insta and loved it then, love it more now! Such a great combo. And I think the lighting looks great, actually, you really captured the twinkly lights in a gorgeous way!

    The Parks and Rec dinners sound AMAZING, what a great idea! Hunter is a huge fan of that show, as well as all the comedians you get to see. I actually read the tweet about David Cross allowed for him and he was soooo jelllyyyy. You two could be great friends. Me and you, not so much ;)

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  7. God I love that skirt! It's the perfect floral! Your face in the third pic is hilarious!

    This absolutely cracked me up: "Which is weird, because I almost never get distracted by the Internet when I should be doing something else (this is false)." The Internet is obviously a living thing whose only goal in life is to distract us from everything else we should be doing! The monster!

  8. You always seem to have THE BEST skirts!! Also...I love these pics! :)


    Something About That

  9. Bahaha, that's right! Who needs decent lighting when you love what you're wearing, right? Your sad face made me giggle though because that's how I've felt when I knew pictures weren't going to have the look I imagined them to have. Ah well - you're outfit is so cute, I'm glad you decided to share anyway!
    And distracted by the internet? Psh, who does that nowadays anyway? ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. Parks and Rec night sounds so awesome! My sister would definitely be down for a get-together like that too. She's a giant fan.
    Also these pictures turned out just fine even though they're darker than usual. The tripod is a magic tool sometimes. I like that you included the sad pictures. Sometimes I have pictures like that when things are going horribly wrong!

    Jamie |