That Time I Wore a Swimsuit

This post is terrifying for me. The thought of even just wearing a swimsuit for the first time in years was difficult for me to handle, so willingly putting photos of myself in one on the Internet is a near impossible task. I don't do swimsuits, and I'm not a huge beach person, but when Surania contacted me about reviewing a swimsuit, how could I resist? It was a good excuse to finally own a swimsuit, go to the beach with some of my favorite people, and be an advocate for positive body image. I could not have asked for a better company to work with, as Surania offers custom swimsuits and allows its customers to choose the style, cut, fabric, and color that works for them. The feature made me feel much more comfortable about receiving a swimsuit in the mail, and I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted the moment I opened the website. Gingham retro bathing suits aren't exactly original at the moment, but I love the flattering cut and classic pattern. I was amazed at how perfectly the suit fit and how good of quality it is. Not too shabby for my first swimsuit in years.

My friends and I used taking these photos as a good reason to go to the beach together, which is a thing we never do. I was pretty self-conscious about being so exposed and knowing that I would be putting these pictures on the Internet, but they all did a great job at putting me at ease and helping me feel confident. I do feel comfortable in my body and my curves, but I can't say I feel comfortable flaunting them and shoving them in everyone's faces via revealing articles of clothing. I much prefer Peter Pan collars and knee-length skirts. That said, I'm glad I got the chance to feel better about being not so covered up, and I'm especially glad that I own a swimsuit again. I forgot how much I actually do like the beach. 

On to more important things: I chose to watch Game of Thrones with friends instead of the Mad Men finale last night, and I regret nothing. I do plan on watching it as soon as possible though.Those of you who watched it, what did you think?

Swimsuit: c/o Surania
Sunglasses, sandals: Modcloth


  1. AAAAH! I cannot get over how cute that swimming suit is!!!

    Also- jealous you got to watch GoT. We've been so crazy end-of-the-school-year busy we haven't watched anything at all recently.... :\

  2. You look SO GREAT! I looove that swimsuit and it suits you so well!

  3. You look AMAZING! If you have a good contact person at Surania I'd love to work with them, what an awesome design idea!

  4. That is such an adorable swimsuit! And you look great!

    Vicki Grace

  5. You look great! I seriously love this swimsuit and need to get my hands on it ASAP

  6. First of all - huge kudos for getting over that insecurity and getting these photos up on the blog. It's a gorgeous bathing suit, and you're rocking it!

    Something About That

  7. You look great! I need to get over my fear of wearing swimsuits and just rock them! This one is so so cute!

  8. I commented on Facebook already, but I forgot I also wanted to say how much I appreciate that your reason for not wanting to put these pictures up wasn't an "I'm so out of shape/my body is so different/etc" reason -- not that those aren't valid, but I think a lot of bloggers might fault to that because they think they should. And I'm glad you're comfortable with your curves!

    And now I'm stuck browsing swimsuits and wishing they had maternity sizes. Sigh.

  9. You are beautiful girl! Love these photos, love the swimsuit, and now I reaaaaally wish I was at the beach...sigh. I'm trying to find a good swimsuit for the summer but it's tough...I never feel comfortable in them :/

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. Damn you are so lucky to live near the beach! You look amazing in this suit! I love the one you chose. I'm going to have to check them out because I can never have enough suits to get through the PHX summer ;)

  11. I understand where you're coming from, it may sound stupid but I don't feel hell of a comfortable in a bathing suit too, even though I'm a skinny stick. Gotta say though, if I had boobz like yours, I'd flaunt them everywhere :D
    The bathing suit is divine, I love retro everything and this is sooo pretty! ^_^

  12. Such an adorable swimsuit and you look AH-MAZING!

  13. You and that swimsuit are a perfect match! Love!!