Pacific Northwest + Vacation Outfits

Hey there! Are you ready for too many pictures than you have interest in? I wanted to share some photos from my recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, plus a few more outfits that I wore while on vacation. My friend Adam and I went up to Portland to stay with our friend Kyle, and our friends Kyle (a different one) and Andi came down from Olympia to visit as well. We stayed in Portland for a few days, then drove up to Seattle for a day, and then Olympia for a day before spending the rest of the trip in Portland. As I mentioned in my last post, I absolutely fell in love with Portland. There were so many cool shops, a ton to do, and so much good food. We went to Powell's, read secrets at the Ace Hotel, drove to Multnomah Falls, went to the feminist center where the feminist bookstore is filmed in Portlandia, went to the Rose Gardens, drank a lot at a barcade, ate too much good food, and spent a ton of time walking around downtown and drinking coffee. 

I wish I could have spent more time in Seattle, as we only got to spend a day there. We didn't do too much other than spend forever in Pike Place and wander around the area and Capitol Hill, but I still loved it. I got to see my friends Becca and Katie, who I met through blogging and have been friends with online for a while now. It was so wonderful to finally get to meet them in person, and just as every online friend I've ever met in real life has been, they were just as wonderful in person as I figured they would be. I'm hoping to go back soon to see more of the city and see them again. Fingers crossed.

All in all, it was an amazing trip. It was the first vacation that I paid for entirely on my own (plus got to use paid vacation time for the first time), and it was so nice to see a bunch of my friends who I hadn't seen in forever. We met up with our friend Katie, who lives in Portland and who I hadn't seen in maybe six years, and our friend Greg just moved to Washington and drove down for Portland for a day as well. Basically, half the people I know live up there, so I might as well live up there too, right? One can dream.


  1. Oh wow, love these photos! Especially that ferris wheel one. You could frame that for your house, for sure!! I've only visited Portland once, for a race in high school. Everyone keeps raving about it now, and we even have a small office over there, so I'm dying to go back! So glad you had an amazing trip and got to reconnect with old friends (that is the BEST feeling.) Looking cute, too! You may be the only girl I know that would wear a cute dress to a waterfall (and totally rock it!)

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  2. Seattle seems like so much fun! Loved looking through all the pictures!

    xo Deborah
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  3. So many awesome pictures! I think it looks like I need to visit Portland some time. It seems like a really fun city. Plus you look super cute in all your outfits here. That first dress with the collar is perfect.

    Jamie |

  4. Ughhhhh, I wish we could've met up! Haha, I'm looking at all your photos going "Oooh, I was there! There too! Ah!" Also, makes me want to go back...sigh. Great visual roundup of your time there, I wish I could've gone to Seattle again.
    Haha, I'm now daydreaming about moving to the Oregon area, not gonna lie... xD

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  5. What a fun trip!!! I really did like Portland. Just so cool (plus, a giant bookstore. Can't go wrong with that.) I'd love to spend some time in Seattle. I was at conference there but, well, you most see powerpoints and people in business suits at conferences, not sightseeing (I mean, I learned a lot but not... a lot about Seattle, you know).

  6. It looks like you had such a great time! I am so jealous of your trip! Also, you wore such gorgeous dresses -that yellow one is such a great color on you!


  7. You should definitely come live in the PNW. Aaand then also come visit me! (And is it sad that I've never been to Portland even though I live like 4 hours away? I've been to Astoria, but that's as far into Oregon as I've traveled.)

    Ah, and also it's kind of funny that you met Katie and Becca before me! I live so close to Seattle and I have wanted to meet them for so long! It sounds like you had such a fun trip!