Still Lazy

Good news, friends! My laptop is finally working again, which means that editing photos is much easier. The bad news is that I'm still short on time to actually take pictures and I'm still lazy. My laziness is also evident in this outfit, which features the third trapeze/T-shirt dress I've bought in the past couple of months. I'm still mostly in fit and flare cuts, but since I only have time to take pictures on the weekend, you've been getting to see my Sunday uniforms of just throwing something on before getting breakfast. Looking cute is great, but getting to breakfast in time is much more important. You understand.

This past weekend in particular was nice and relaxing. I pick up articles for a local paper that runs every other month, and I just finished this issue's last Friday and was finally able to relax. My friends and I went to a nearby Oktoberfest on Friday night, and we had a Back to the Future marathon on Saturday. Since we all have to work on Wednesday (October 21, 2015, better known as the day Marty and Doc go into the future), we did our marathon early. We only ended up getting through the first two since it got late, but it was still great. Watching Part II in 2015 is fun, but it's not like I really need an excuse to watch it. I also don't need an excuse to force my friends to watch it, but it helped.

In other news, I'm watching through Cheers finally. I'm also extremely happy that Fargo's second season just started. I just finished the first season recently, and the new season is already fantastic. I think it might just be the best show on the air right now.

Dress, cardigan: TJ Maxx
Necklace: Buffalo Exchange
Boots: random mall store


  1. Ooooo, I love this style!

  2. I love this look, I'm totally wanting to copy it for tonight!

  3. A lovely outfit. It seems so weird to me that the "far future" of a film is already here!

  4. That dress looks stellar on you - the color and the cut are perfect! Also, a Back to the Future marathon sounds absolutely wonderful!


  5. This looks like an incredibly comfy outfit but it's also super cute! The color of that dress is great. I feel you on not having enough time to take pictures. Especially now that the sun is setting earlier.

    And hooray for a Back to the Future marathon! We went out for a Back to the Future party on Wednesday night even though we had work in the morning. It was epic.

    Jamie |

  6. I love every part of this look, so pretty :) It looks airy & comfortable but also tailored and polished. The necklace and shoes is a beautiful combination too!

    <3 Megan