Floral Dresses and Yellow Cardigans

Remember last week when it was Christmas, everyone was celebrating, and there was ample time to sleep in? Yeah, I do too. The long weekend was much appreciated, but as with every Christmas, I wanted it to last forever. I had a wonderful Christmas Eve at my brother's house and then stayed with my parents until Sunday. It was partly because I'm having issues with roommates (living with two aggressive people is no fun for someone extremely non-confrontational), but it was also a nice way to extend the holiday. Jon came to my aunt's house for Christmas dinner, and it's exciting to be taking these steps toward having a real "adult" relationship. Who knew that it actually wouldn't be scary at all?

This is what I wore on Christmas Eve, but with tights and boots. It's actually gotten quite cold here, to the point that my mom didn't want to take pictures outside. I took advantage of the indoor setting and decided to leave the tights behind just because. This dress is by far one of the best things I've purchased this year (thanks to a good year of gift card money), and I've also been wearing this yellow cardigan with pretty much everything. 

Even though this is my second year without a winter break, it still feels strange. I'm not sure if it's because this is my first year with a full-time job, or I'll never get used to post-college life (joking, of course I'll get better at adulting). The good news that, as I live close to where I grew up, I still have friends who live elsewhere and are in town for the holidays. Thank god for the simplest of routines.

Dress: Modcloth
Cardigan: Schoola
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens


  1. Not sure what to tell you about the no-winter-break thing (being a teacher means some things never go away which is just as weird as it is nice...) HOWEVER, what we can tell you is that you look amazing in mustard and that dress is awesome.

  2. I actually went back to school as a grad student so I get to relive the joys of winter breaks. Nevertheless, as good as breaks are, it's a wonderful thing to be able to embrace the adult world :)

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  3. Oh my word, that cardigan is such a pretty color! And I'm absolutely loving that dress too!


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