Striped Dress + Blue Wedges

If these photos are too bright, blame the Oscars. I normally do my best to wait until the sun goes down a little to take photos (schedule permitting), but when these were taken on Sunday, it had to be during the brightest part of the day so that I could drive to my parents' house to watch the awards. The Oscars will always be well, irrelevant and a little dumb in the long run, but I'll always watch them. My mom and I have had a tradition of watching them together every year for as long as I can remember, save for the years I was away at college. We always get more excited than we should, and I live for giving my commentary throughout. I saw all but two of the Best Picture nominees, and while ceremony itself was hit or miss, I was happy with almost all of the awards handed out. Spotlight was one of my favorite movies of the year, and I could not have been happier to see it win. My other favorites of the year included Mad Max, Room, and Ex Machina, so seeing those take home trophies made it worth it. Actually, seeing how Jacob Tremblay was to be there was really what made it worth it. That kid is the cutest.

I got this dress in a swap ages ago, and I wear it almost weekly. Somehow, though, it had yet to make an appearance on the blog. I've been styling it a variety of ways, but this weekend called for minimal effort. Luckily, throwing on this pair of blue wedges means outfits instantly get dressed up.

Dress: Modcloth via swap
Shoes: B.A.I.T. via eBay


  1. *blames the Oscars* But actually no, I'm happy because the Oscars finally gave OUR BOY LEO!!!!! AN OSCAR!! MY HEART WILL GO ON!!

    I love the sleeves on that dress. I would wear the heck out of any dress I loved, so you go girl. You wear that dress.

  2. You know, the show itself may be unimportant, but the traditions you describe and the fun of discussing the awards - those are definitely important!

    Also- cute shoes!

  3. I don't really watch the Oscars but the Internet blew up when Leo won so that's the extent of my knowledge. I think it's adorable that it's a family tradition! Those are the kinds of memories that will remain valuable :)

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