Sunflower Top + Black Skirt

I'm going to be honest with you. I had a whole post planned that was going to be serious and delve into my emotions, but as usual, I got busy and didn't get around to writing this until late at night. Thus, I have no energy for emotions, or lack thereof (the post was going to be about how terrible at dealing with emotions or even admitting that I have them). I'm going to write it soon because I want to start using this blog as more a platform for my writing and a way to organize my thoughts, but for now, I'm tired and stuffed. I ate a big dinner, complete with fries, beer, and a milkshake. There's a downtown area of sorts by me that's filled with restaurants and antique stores, and it's been going through a lot of changes lately. As lovers of all things old, it's always my best friend and my favorite place for digging through antiques and old people watching. Now, though, it's become quite hip. Many of the stores and restaurants are being replaced, while others are just being renovated. It's a revitalization, and I suppose I should have seen it coming. One of our favorite places to eat was Watson's, a half diner, half pharmacy, which opened in 1899 and has kept a '50s aesthetic for as along as I've been alive to see it. It just underwent a huge renovation, and my friends and I finally checked it out last night. It still has a retro theme, but instead of being retro on accident, now it's to be hip. I have pretty mixed feelings about it because I hate change, but I have to admit, it was a pretty cool experience and the food was way better than it was before. Is this what being a millennial is about? Thinking it's cool to like things that were around before they were born and then hating yourself for liking new things? God, we're just the worst, aren't we?

What isn't the worst, though, is this outfit post. I thrifted this sunflower crop top recently (which is how all of my posts start), and it's my new spring go-to. I wore it to go to IKEA with Jon on Saturday, just for the hell of it. We're not looking (yet), but I live right down the street from one, so we thought it would be fun to get Swedish Meatballs and wander around. It was. I may have bought these flowers for my room and for pictures, plus a set of Popsicle art prints. I'm weak.

Top, bag: thrifted
Skirt: from a swap
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens


  1. I'm convinced IKEA is THE best date spot ever. It feels so romantic to me! Very interested in the post about emotions to come. Love your clogs- I finally got some Hasbeens and have been wearing them multiple times a week!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  2. Love the top, the print is perfect for spring. Great styling!
    Gemma x

  3. Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers so I really adore your top! As for the downtown renovations, I can completely relate. There's been a ton of construction going on in my area and in the city in general. I'm pretty sad about the changes, seeing my hometown become something different than what I grew up with but it's also kind of refreshing.

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  4. Girl, I know what you mean about not having time for emotions. I keep telling myself I'm going to write one too, you know all late at night when you're feeling your most creative, but then you're too exhausted and put it off. The time will come when you need to show off your feelings! I adore that little top and your gorgeous flowers. Flowers make the world go round and I've definitely been filling my room with them lately...

  5. Eh, it is a hard balance between sharing and, well, sharing too much, online. I'll be excited to see more deep blog posts but I also love the ones like this that just share you days.