J. Crew Denim Shirt + Patterned Skirt

You have any items that you hate how they look on, but you insist on wearing anyway? That's this skirt for me. I hate how I look in it every time I wear it, but I get convinced that it'll be better each time I pull it out after a month or two. I'm so used to A-line skirts, and try to tell myself that it's good to have at least one item that's at least a little bit of a different cut. Not to mention that it's adorable and a great find from a J. Crew Factory sale a couple of years ago. I think this weekend was my breaking point, though. I still love it, but I just felt bad about myself all day, which is the exact opposite of how my clothes should make me feel. I guess we'll just add this one to "try to sell, but probably have bad luck and watch it sit in the corner of my room for a year" pile.

While I'm still in denial that the weekend is over, this week is going to be different than most. I have my last day at my job on Tuesday, and I'm taking the rest of the week off before I start my new position next week. I'm going to stay at my parents for a few days to just relax and have zero worries by the lake before I inevitably get stressed again. I can hardly believe that I'm done with my current job, and it's starting to hit me how sad I am to leave my co-workers. Ah, well onward and upward as they say. As someone says. I think.

Like all comedy fans, I've been obsessing over Maria Bamford's new Netflix show, Lady Dynamite. Maria Bamford is a national treasure, and none of us are worthy of her talents.

Shirt, skirt: J. Crew
Shoes: Modcloth
Purse: Thrifted


  1. HAHA oh my gosh I exactly know this feeling. I have some shoes like that... like they're not comfortable but I wear them anyway. And a dress or two as well. I totally feel you, but I think this skirt is adorable on you. We are all our own worst critics anyway, right?!

  2. Yeah... I have a dress I'm selling or donating that is like that too... I do think you look cute in this but how it makes you feel is most important.