Buffalo Exchange Top + Plaid Skirt

Not to complain about the heat again, but I took these photos over the weekend, and I can just feel how sweaty and gross I was. It was that kind of day. Luckily I remembered that I had this black dress/shirt that I picked up from Buffalo Exchange a while ago, but had barely worn. It actually is a trapeze dress that I wore once and then accidentally shrunk in the wash. This is a thing that I do far more often than I would like to admit. Fortunately, the way it shrunk was only in length, so it makes a perfect top. Trapeze dress be damned.

I don't have too much to share today as all I've been up to is working, listening to podcasts, and watching Seinfeld. I did see Finding Dory last night, which was adorable. I can't say that it really made a lasting impression, but I liked it. If we're talking kids movies, let's be honest. None will be as good as Zootopia this year. These are important opinions that you should all care about.

If it suits your fancy, my funny and talented friend Greg created a Fiverr for writing poems for unique events. If you've ever needed a poem to make yourself look good at a funeral, baby shower, intervention or more, Greg's your guy.

Top: Buffalo Exchange
Skirt: Fleet Collection
Shoes: Thrifted


  1. That skirt! Just lovely!! I saw Finding Dory and loved it, but you're right--nothing will be as good as Zootopia!

  2. You're right- nothing (in terms of kids films) will beat Zootopia, but Finding Dory was cute. Baby Dory made it worth the ticket price, to me anyway.

    As always, you really rock gingham/plaid prints. This is lovely. And you may have felt sweaty but I actually really like your hair here, so...

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