Etsy Favorites #51

I'm dreaming of wearing this Polka Dot dress (and everything else in the shop) from Pochette Couture all summer long:

I've been following Luella on Instagram for a little while now, and I can't get over how cute her pins and shirts are. This Retro Pink Camper Pin is pure joy:

I'm sure I've featured Teaka Marie on here at some point, but I can't help but share her shop again. I'm trying to bulk up on tops (seeing as I have an abundance of dresses and skirts), and I think this Peter Pan Collar Shirt needs to be my next purchase:

On second thought, maybe I don't have too many dresses. This '60s mini dress from Jackie and Johnny is a must-have:

There are so many cute pins out there right now, but nothing beats breakfast. This fried egg on toast pin from Heather Buchanan would most likely make me hungry, but it would be worth it:
I'm well aware that I could never fit into this Oh My Gato vintage dress, but damn, it sure is pretty:

More things that make me hungry -- this set of milk and cookie earrings from The Little Things looks adorable and delicious:


  1. I always forget about etsy to find clothes but these are all so cute!! I need to get that toast pin for my denim jacket! too cute.

    Lee -

  2. That first dress has your name written all over it!!!