Head to Toe Remix: Shoes

Welcome to another week of Head to Toe Remix, my weekly remix post where Priya of Perfectly Priya and I style items from our closet that need some extra love. After tackling accessories, outerwear, tops, and bottoms, we've reached the bottom: shoes. We still have one more category to go next week, but I have to say, this one ended up being much more difficult than I had expected. Accessories and shoes should be the easiest, right? Wrong. 

I decided to take another stab at these Hello Holiday shoes. Oh, these beautiful, glorious shoes that I never know what to do with. They're one of my favorite pairs that I own, but they're completely different than most of my wardrobe. That's usually a good thing, but it also means that I have a difficult time matching them with anything. I've considered giving them up because they seem so out of place in my closet, but they're too awesome to let go. So, challenge accepted. 

I decided to fully step outside of my comfort zone in the spirit, and I paired this shirt under a dress to create a combination that I'm still not fully sure if I love or hate. I'm leaning more toward love, though. These shoes still are a little out of place with everything else that I own, but it's nice to have an edgier option once in a while. They're definitely staying for now.

As usual, you'd be a fool not to head over to Priya's blog and see how she styled her heels. I love how she's able to dress up jeans, something that I'm a complete novice at. The color of that top on her in flawless.

I've taken a stab at these shoes a couple of other times, and looking back is making me like them even more. I love that, for once, all of my looks styling it are completely different. I tend to be a creature of habit, so it's nice to see that I've tried something different at least a few times.

Dress: Apricity
Top: Fleet Collection
Necklace: Madewell


  1. I knew you were going to pick these shoes!! They are so fierce. You did great at integrating them into your usual style. Don't let them go! It's good to have a super fierce pair of heels :)

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  2. You layer like a pro! I absolutely adore this! And those shoes!!!

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