Schoola Purple Dress + Tan Jacket

I should really just stop checking my email. Every day, there's a promotion from a store I love that's better than the last, and every day, I can't help but browse. I am very weak, and I don't have the self control to pass up a good sale. As I do more email marketing at work, you'd think I'd be able to ignore them as I learn more of the tricks and gimmicks. But no, I am still weak. When Schoola sent an email with a 50% code, and this purple Luck Be a Lady Dress donated by Modcloth showed up in my size, my hand clicked the "buy" button before I had a chance to stop it. Jon and I decided to explore our new city a little bit over the weekend, and this dress was perfect against this mural we stumbled upon. Then again, anything would look awesome in front of this. I still can't believe we found this spot.

Yesterday was filled with vintage goodness, as I met up with Erica at Whurl's Gurl's Night. I always have a blast with Erica, and it was made especially fun by getting to browse through the most beautiful collection of vintage clothes, eat cotton candy, and be surrounded by girls who were way, way cooler than me. It was basically the ideal way to spend a Sunday. Or any day for that matter.

Of course, the other thing taking up my time is the return of Black Mirror. I've only watched three of the episodes, but it's not the kind of show you want to binge (though I'm guilty of doing that with the first two seasons). I'm so happy it's back, but I also feel awful about myself and society. You know, the usual feelings when watching Black Mirror.

Dress: Modcloth via Schoola
Jacket: Old Navy
Shoes: B.A.I.T
Headband: Target


  1. That dress is seriously so so cute!! I love the color! I've watched two episodes of Black Mirror so far and you're so right -- it's not a show to binge watch because then you'll have nightmares! Or at least I will!

  2. Such a great dress on you. Have you watched HBO's Westworld?

  3. I am totally the same way - I'm such an impulse buyer! But I approve this purchase because you look super cute!


  4. That dress is DARLING! EEEEKKKKKK! Also, I am an impulse buyer when it comes under $20!

    The Adored Life

  5. I heart you!
    And ahhh you find the cutest stuff on schoola

    I'm almost done with Black Mirror. So good but so depressing lol >_<