Collared Dress + Yellow Cardigan

In both good and bad news, this will be my last set of photos taken at my parents' house. It's always beautiful vising them at the lake, but the drive is at least an hour long, and it's tough to see them as much my siblings and I would all like. Fortunately, they're moving back to Orange County in a few weeks so the drive will be much easier. I'm a little bummed to be losing one of my favorite photo locations, but I'll manage.

I put this outfit on in a hurry before Jon and I left to have breakfast at our friend Adam's place. We were running late and I knew I'd be taking outfit pictures, so I grabbed what I knew would work well. I wear this dress pretty often so I was convinced I had taken pictures in this exact combination before, but I think I actually haven't somehow. It feels familiar, though, right? I guess I can't be surprised. Any combination of a collared dress and cardigan feels like something I've worn before. Or pretty much every day.

Dress: Yoox
Cardigan: Schoola
Shoes: B.A.I.T


  1. I like the combo of the mustard with this pattern. It is a familar combination of collared dress and cardi, but the exact colors and patterns seem different too me, not something we've seen before :)

  2. lolololol "fuck dammit shit I'm losing a good photo location!" I so understand that feel. I miss my photo locations back in Alabama. At least I found some private ones here in Iowa, but there's nothing like good ole' Alabama pics. I love the combo of yellow and the blue and white! Such a happy combo!

  3. I love this color combo! The mustard cardigan looks so chic with the pattern on the dress. :)

    Basically Beautiful