Three Easy Things No. 3

For this week's Three Easy Things - my ongoing political series of easy ways to stay active for newbies - I tapped my good friend Jessica from Midwest Muse. If you're a longtime reader, you know that Jessica is one of my nearest and dearest friends from the blogging world, and it's not often that I do a guest series without asking her to contribute. Jessica has been politically active for far longer than I have, and seeing her opinions have kept me motivated. She's shared three incredibly easy things that you can do to keep the momentum going this week if you want to "stay woke" as I hear the young kids are saying. Resisting comes in big forms and small forms, and these are some simple things you can do in your free time.

1. Think local: It's easy to think about politics on a larger scale because we're dealing with a large scale political problem. It, however, is incredibly easy to get involved at a city or state level. Here are a few ideas: call your senators, attend City Council Meetings, or connect with the local Democrat office. Find local activist groups or organize a group in your community -- 'cause I bet there are people just like you looking to get involved! Think about what is important to you in your city and do whatever it is you can to help.

2. Keep the conversation going: Whenever I read an article or see a Tweet that would open up a dialogue with a friend -- I send it to them. It's good to keep your friends in the know. My friends have started sharing relevant articles and pieces of information with me as well. We have now created a perpetual circle of sharing knowledge and continuing the conversation. It's important to never stop talking. When we stop being informed or sharing information, we stop caring.

3. Read up on American politics/history: History wasn't necessarily one of the most fun classes to take in high school, but having a solid understanding of American history and our government is vital. I'd like to think that I still know EVERYTHING, but I surely don't. I've been browsing this LOC page. There are plenty of resources out there, find a political/government related topic that interests you, and educated the hell out of yourself. (It'll also make what's happening seem even crazier.)

You can follow Jessica on her blog, her Twitter, or Instagram. If you'd like to contribute to the series, please shoot me an email at

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