Dresses and Giggles

Can you tell how much fun I had taking these photos? This is the second set that I took with my friend Hanna, and she had me laughing and making silly poses the entire time. I will happily trade in awkwardly making the same three poses in all photos for goofy laughing ones any day. 

This plaid dress was sent to me by eShakti in the fall, and it has to be one of my most worn pieces ever. I wear it at least once a week. Picking out this dress is an example of one of the few times in my life I've actually had decent foresight. The dress actually originally had adorable 3/4 length sleeves that were perfect for fall, but I knew that I would only get so much use out of it living in California. I customized the dress to be sleeveless, and I'm so glad I did. It works perfectly for in-between days (like when I took these) where it's unbearably hot during the day and paired with a cardigan when it gets cold at night. Also perfect for every day wear are these dreamy sandals from Lands' End. I can't stop wearing them, they're so comfy. 

Other than talking too much about my clothes, I'm just ready for the weekend. I'll be having breakfast with a friend, taking more pictures, celebrating my mom's birthday, and lounging around the apartment with Jon. Hurry up, weekend!

I have to apologize. My writing has been seriously lacking lately. I've been spending so much time focusing on taking pictures and creating content for Instagram, that I've let what used to be my favorite part of blogging kind of get forgotten. I'm hoping to work on that though, particularly with more content-driven and personal pieces. I know most blog audiences have mostly switched to Instagram (I'm guilty as well), so if you're still dropping by this old page to read, thank you. 

Dress: c/o eShakti
Sandals: c/o Lands' End (exact)
Headband: Target
Cardigan: Amazon

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  1. This dress is the absolute cutest and so are you! Love these pictures of you!