Guide to Makers Who Donate Money

Didn't get a chance to enter the Feminist Resistance Giveaway? You can still get cute things while doing some good! I've put together this handy guide of makers who donate proceeds from purchases to a variety of organizations. Many of the shops who participated in the fundraiser are included, but there are countless more of my favorite artists and brands that are using their business for important causes. I hope this encourages you to shop with some of those listed below, and keep in mind that this just scratches the surfaces of artists using their businesses to make a difference. I'm exposed to many items that align with my interests (which is where there are so many feminist-themed items), but there is much more to be found. And in case you're wondering - these are in no particular order.

* = donates to more than one cause
** = offers other items that donates proceeds

Guide to Makers Who Donate To Good Causes

1. Who: All Riot Donation: 50% to the ACLU My pick: This Means Love Anti-Islamophobia T-shirt** Follow for more: @allriotshirts
2.   Who: Bang Up Betty Donation: $1 to the ACLUMy pick: Nasty Woman Statue of Liberty Pin** Follow for more: @bangupbetty
3. Who: Color Theory Shop Donation: 20% to Girls Who CodeMy pick: I Believe in Science Pin **Follow for more: @colortheoryshop
4. Who: Culture Flock Donation: $2 to the ACLUMy pick: Resist & Persist T-shirt** Follow for more: @cultureflock
5. Who: Daisy Natives Donation: $1 to a variety of organizations that benefit women* My pick: The Revolution Tee** Follow for more: @daisynatives
6. Who: Oh Plesiosaur Donation: 20% to The Trevor ProjectMy pick: Rainbow T-Rex Pin** Follow for more:  @ohplesiosaur
7. Who: Marigold + Mars Donation: $5 to Planned Parenthood My pick: Nasty Hoop Follow for more: @marigoldandmars
8. Who: Heartman Donation: 10% to Earth JusticeMy pick: Keep Earth Sexy Tee** Follow for more: @heartmanclothes
9. Who: Made Au Gold Donation: $2 to Planned ParenthoodMy pick: Nasty Woman Keychain ** Follow for more: @madeaugold
10. Who: Kimothy Joy Donation: $2 to Emily's ListMy pick: Nevertheless, She Persisted Print** Follow for more: @kimothyjoy
11. Who: Sweet Stella Designs Donation: 50% to Planned Parenthood and Women Have Options Ohio My pick: Uterus Cookie Earrings Follow for more: @sweetstellaoh
12. Who: Jen Zeano Designs Donation: $1 to the ACLUMy pick: Latina Power Tee** Follow for more: @jenzeanodesigns 
13. Who: Google Ghost Donation: 15% to Planned Parenthood My pick: Nasty Woman ASL T-shirt Follow for more: @googleghostpress
14. Who: Otherwild Donation: 25% to the National Center for Transgender EqualityMy pick: Gender is a Drag T-shirt** Follow for more: @otherwild
15. Who: Susan Alexandra Donation: Part of the proceeds to The Human Rights CampaignMy pick: Equal Bracelet** Follow for more:  @susan_alexandra

Guide to Makers Who Donate To Good Causes

16. Who: Everlane Donation: $5 to Equality NowMy pick: The Human Cotton Box Tee** Follow for more: @everlane
17. Who: Pincause Donation: $1 to the IRC and $1 to White HelmetsMy pick: Rise for Refugees Pin** Follow for more: @thepincause
18. Who: The Crybaby Club Donation: 50% to She Should Run* My pick: She Persisted Tee **Follow for more: @thecrybabyclubofficial 
19. Who: Hello Holiday Donation: 100% of proceeds to Planned Parenthood of the Heartland My pick: Never Again Pin Follow for more: @helloholiday
20. Who: My Sister Donation: Supports after-care programs and provides growth opportunities for survivors or sexual exploitation My pick: You Don't Own Me Tee** Follow for more: @mysisterorg
21. Who: Little Arrow Shop Donation: 20% to Planned Parenthood My pick: Nasty Woman Pin Follow for more: @littlearrowshop
22. Who: Luella Donation: $2 to Austin Pets Alive My pick: Puppy Love Pin Follow for more: @shop.luella
23. Who: Radical Buttons Donation: Part of proceeds to organizations that seek to empower marginalized groups and promote social justice My pick: Grow A Pair of Ovaries Pin** Follow for more: @radicalbuttons
24. Who: Josh Hara Donation: All proceed to Planned Parenthood My pick: One Love Travel Mug Follow for more: @yoyoha
26. Who: Tuesday Bassen  Donation: 10% to organizations including Inner-City Arts, Art Buddies, and others My pick: Girls Pennant Pin Follow for more: @tuesdaybassen
27. Who: Sara M. Lyons Donation: 15% to the Louder Coalition My pick: Sad Ghost Hat** Follow for more: @saramlyons
28. Who: Band of Weirdos Donation: 50% to Planned Parenthood My pick: Can't Touch Dis Patch Set** Follow for more: @bandofweirdos
30. Who: Bloody Nora Pam Donation: 10% to the UK Sepsis Trust My pick: Eliminate Girl Hate Tee** Follow for more: @bloodynorapam 

Would you want to see more of this guide, possibly on a larger scale? Do you know of any other makers using their items for good causes? Leave a comment below or email me at! I'd love to hear!


  1. This is such a great post esp with graduation rolling around; so many good gift ideas!

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  2. This is awesome and I def need to up my feminist pin game! Thanks for compiling & sharing.

    ♥ perfectly Priya