Dots and Rainbows

You know those outfits that you just feel like yourself in? This is one of those. It just feels so classic "me." It actually has been a while since I've worn polka dots on the blog, which strange for me. Obviously that needed to be fixed. I've actually had quite the struggle to find the perfect polka dot skirt, despite the fact that I've bought plenty. They've all either been to short, too small, or just plain not quite right. It has been much harder than I would have expected to find the right one. Luckily, Kristina of The Eyre Effect recently recommended a brand on Amazon in a blogging Facebook group that we're in, and it turns out that there were perfect A-line skirts for cheap with my name on them this whole time. This one is everything I've been looking for so I may have to buy it in multiple colors and patterns. This outfit also featured my new pastel rainbow wedges that I scored for $10 at the BAIT warehouse sale. Talk about beautiful. I don't think I'll ever take them off.

This week is weirdly busy for me, but that mostly consists of getting dinner with friends. Other than that, it's just my same old watching TV and falling asleep early every day. I did watch all of Girlboss even though I thought it was terrible. Funny how I still ended up binging it all. It was definitely interesting considering I've been following along with Nasty Gal since its birth, but I straight up hated almost every single character. I also didn't appreciate how it made fun of the vintage community. But alas, addicting TV is addicting TV. 

Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Amazon
Shoes: BAIT
Purse: Ruche


  1. Those shoes are so cute! I've been considering watching Girlboss but it looks terrible! And something about it just seems annoying and I don't want to hate watch it lol!

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