Girls Support Girl Power

I wasn't joking when I said that I was a T-shirt person now. Well, not completely, but I'm a T-shirt person when brands I like put out cute ones that I can't resist, especially when they're for a good cause. I'm assuming that most of you reading this have seen this shirt and know the story behind it, but I'm going to tell it again just in case. Daisy Natives is the maker behind the adorable and super popular Girls Support Girls shirts, and she teamed up with the beautiful ladies of Hello Holiday to put out this limited edition black one. Only 300 of this run were created, and 100% of the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. That's right, I said 100%. No one is making money off of these. These women are doing this JUST to donate money to a worthy cause, and if that's not inspiring, I don't know what is. Both Hello Holiday and Daisy Natives never fail to remind me that good people exist.

Whenever I buy something from a maker who donates part of the proceeds to a good cause, I always have a moment of doubt. I assume that anyone who sees thinks that I'm a hypocrite and wonders why I don't just donate the money if I actually care. I know that's just the voice of doubt in the back of my head, but I do understand why someone would ask that. Not that I do need to explain myself, but I really do buy these items for a reason. I could just donate to Planned Parenthood (which I actually do monthly as well), but by buying these items I get to support small businesses (often female entrepreneurs) while also supporting a cause that I care about. I only buy these items from makers who I trust are actually donating the money, and by doing so, I get to help keep them in business and inspire others to do the same. 

And of course, it doesn't hurt when the items are this cute. All of this isn't even mentioning my Luella "girl power" pin or Emily and Fin skirt (also from Hello Holiday). So many cute brands out there right now, you guys.

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T-Shirt: Daisy Natives via Hello Holiday
Skirt: Emily and Fin via Hello Holiday
Pin: Luella
Shoes: Lotta From Stockholm


  1. No need to justify spending your hard-earned money on anything. I think it's wonderful that you're supporting all these great causes and fabulous women! I LOVE your t-shirt and I may buy one myself! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. Empowering and uplifting each other, girls support girl power, fostering strength, resilience, and unity. Together, we rise higher!