Twenty Five

Why, yes, I did drive to an elementary school on a Sunday with a party hat in hand just to take birthday pictures in front of some colorful walls. That's what you do when you're 25, right? Adult things? Yep, I am indeed 25 today, and I do feel pretty great. I'm not doing too much to celebrate, but I'm fine with that. Jon and I are going to dinner with our best friend Adam tonight and watching Game of Thrones after, and tomorrow we're all getting together with a couple of our other friends to try a rolled ice cream (and ice cream taco!) place near my apartment. I definitely feel like I've outgrown throwing a party or doing something big, so just getting to see a few close friends over food sounds perfect to me. 

Just for fun, here are some differences between my once expectations vs. reality of being a quarter of a century:

  • I'm not "enjoying my 20s" the way I once I thought I would, but I'm definitely enjoying them. I've never been very adventurous or spontaneous, so when I was a teenager, I always thought I'd use my 20s as an excuse to go crazy and do stupid things. I've never felt like that was really me, so I feel pretty good about being happy in my quiet life.
  • On that note, I didn't expect to be settled down with a serious boyfriend. I always thought that I'd finally figure out how to date around and that I'd be casually dating while focusing on my career at 25. NOPE. I'm happily settled and living with Jon, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I was never going to enjoy casually dating, and thank goodness it didn't take me long to figure that out.
  • I AM finally feeling like I'm on the right track in my career like I was hoping I would at this age. I was so afraid that I'd still be in the job I was in a year ago, feeling stuck and behind in my career goals. Over a year later, I'm in a job that I love and just got promoted!
  • I definitely expected to be living outside of Orange County, and while I often do dream of finally moving elsewhere, I'm much more okay with it than I expected to be.
  • Probably the biggest difference is that I prioritize my relationships more that I always said I would. I used to be big on believing that I would be career focused at 25. I actually used to say that I figured that I would break some guy's heart by putting my career first. Yeah, I was dramatic. Fortunately, becoming an adult and being in an adult relationship has made me realize what's important and also how lucky I am to be with someone who supports me in career so that I can have both. I also thought that I would be living somewhere else because I wouldn't care about living far away from my family, but now they're probably the biggest reason why I'm still here, and I'm good with that. What's the point of traveling and living in a new place if I don't have anyone to share it with?
  • No, I am not a famous and successful blogger like I was once hoping to be at this age. I also don't want that anymore. Blogging has been my favorite hobby and I love the process of connecting with my community and growing my following, but I'm okay with not making it my job or being a big success. 
  • I still haven't learned how to use chopsticks. I'm actually pretty embarrassed about this one, but you'd think that I would learned that by now. One day...

If anything, being 25 is much more boring than I once thought it would be, but I think this was all one long way of saying that I like boring. But that's what adulthood is all about, right? Just being boring and being happy with it.

Dress, shoes: Modcloth
Cardigan: Thrifted
Pin: Luella


  1. Man, I feel the same about becoming a famous & "successful" blogger - but it's nice to just sort of set that aside & feel OK with it & enjoy it as a hobby, you know?


  2. Love these colorful photos!


  3. Happy Birthday!! Yay for July babies! My birthday was last week, but I'm [ahem] a full elementary school kid older than you, lol. (I won't say what grade.)

    I've always hated it when we were told to make 5 year goals/plans. SO MUCH can change in that timespan. Not just circumstances, but you as a person! If you had described your present self to 20 year old you she might not have recognized herself, and who knows what 30 year old you will think! That's the beauty of getting older. :)

    Have a fantastic day!

  4. I love this! (Also- your CA elementary schools are way prettier than any I've ever been to apparently.)

    Reality versus what society tells us about different ages, oh my! I think it sounds like you have a lot going for you and your life. It doesn't sound "boring." It sounds real and it sounds like taking pleasure from the little things. Travelling around the world for a year or whatever, sounds like fun, but in reality those things are not every second. Better to be in a place you can enjoy your day to day life (and also travel every now and then. Its not either/or! )

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy birthday, Elana! These walls were worth the drive. And congrats on the promotion!

  6. Happy birthday!! I hope it was a fantastic day. Funny how getting older just makes you love a chill birthday, huh?

    This is such a fun birthday shoot. I also love your expectations vs. reality, I've had plenty of those in the last few years, haha!

    Priya the Blog

  7. I, also cannot use chopsticks. I pick sushi up with my hands and shove the entire roll into my mouth. It's hard to eat bite and a bit embarrassing, but I just can't figure chopsticks out. I think I'm okay with knowing I am not alone.