It's kind of funny; I spent so long wearing darker and neutral colors, but now that I've been wearing so many brighter tones, I've actually been struggling with how to wear the less colorful items in my closet. Case in point: this olive Apricity dress. It's one of my absolute favorite pieces, but I hadn't been wearing it lately at all. I adore this olive green color, but for some reason, I had really been struggling with styling it. Suddenly, none of my cardigans or shoes seemed to go with it, and I was letting it collect dust. Despite the fact that's been 80-90 degrees every day, I decided that now that's it's "fall," it was the perfect excuse to put this dress to good use again. Turns out, this cardigan was made for it all along. Of course, it doesn't hurt to see it against one of my favorite colorful walls...

I wore this to go to my parents' house with Jon and my siblings last night, and it was great to be able to be there after the fires that happened last week. My parents live extremely close to wear the Orange County one was happening (where I grew up in Anaheim Hills), and they got evacuated for a day. They were fortunate enough to be safe and have no damage to their house, but many near them and far too many people in Northern California were not quite as lucky. While I'm extremely grateful that no one I know was hurt or lost their house, it definitely puts things into perspective.

Other than seeing my family, it was a pretty laid back weekend. Our friend, Greg, was in town from Washington for a wedding, and he stayed with us for a few days. I got to see some old friends when he had a little get together at a local bar, and it was nice spending some quality time with him before I dropped him off at the airport. He's technically Jon's best friend, but he and I have been close since high school as well, so I'm so happy that Jon and I share a place now that we can offer to our friends when they need somewhere to crash. I often hate that we still live in Orange County, but I have to admit, it works out pretty nicely that all of our friends who have moved away will always end up coming back to visit.

Dress: Apricity (exact)
Cardigan: Thrifted (similar)
Shoes: Target 


  1. I love the collar on this dress! I know what you mean about neglecting the darker colors. It's hard to think about wearing dark colors when it's still so hot out.

  2. I adore this outfit on you! That dress is so pretty, and I 100% get what you mean about darker colors. I always try doing a dark outfit and then it ends up colorful anyway, haha!

    I'm so glad your family is safe from the fires!

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