Flat Tires and Thrifted Gems

Not only am I finally back with another post, I'm also finally back with an entirely thrifted look. It had been a little bit since I had been thrifting, so I decided to go on Saturday and it turned into quite the trip. On my way there, a car pull up next to me at a red light and honked their horn to get my attention. I thought I hadn't left them enough room to turn right so I started moving, and they motioned for me to roll down my window. It was a middle aged couple, and they let me know that they noticed that one of my tires was flat. I hadn't noticed anything, so how lucky was that they took the time to let me know? Luckily, I was about a block away from the store I was going to, and yes, I still went inside and shopped. No regrets. 

I apparently don't know how to take care of myself (or at least I'm clueless with cars) so I called my dad, who was with my brother. My brother came to my rescue with my dad's AAA card, and even though there was a nail in the tire, the tire shop we took it to was super nice and patched up for free. Phew. I've had the worst luck with my car - in the past year my battery died, someone backed into me, my brakes wore out, and someone hit it in a parking lot. I'm thankful that I'm at least safe AND still got to go thrifting. On the bright side, I had one of the best thrift trips I've had in ages. This top is actually a dress that I hated the skirt on, but I seriously adore the top of it, which means that I obviously had to get it just to wear as a top. The best find though? These red heels in perfect condition that I scored for $7. Hell. Yes. 

In pop culture news, both Jon and I got Movie Passes, so we've been seeing movies every weekend. In the past few weeks we've seen: Lady Bird, The Shape of Water, Star Wars, Call Me By Your Name, and I, Tonya. Honestly, I've loved everything we've seen. The top of my list would probably be Lady Bird and Call My By Your Name (I keep going back and forth about which one I love most), followed closely by Shape of Water. So many good movies, so little time.

Top, skirt, shoes: Thrifted


  1. LOOOOVE your outfit. Glad your tire got fixed. Having AAA is really worth it, in my opinion, for when things like that happen out in the middle of nowhere too. Also- a flat tire would have been hard to fix on your own. That's why parents are there :)

    So jealous of all your movie watching. My husband has been to see Ladybird (while I way home with a migraine....ugh) and something he said makes me even more excited to see it. He said it was written by a woman, directed by a woman and all the main characters were women and he said, "I felt sort of alienated," and then he panicked and said, "I know! I know!" but then went on to explain that was part of what really intrigued him about it- it is something that is telling a very different experience than he has been through or been able to see much of through books or films.

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