Etsy Favorites #63: Dapper Day Edition

I know the last Etsy Favorites I shared was also a Disneyland edition, but what can I say? This is my life now. I'm headed to Dapper day today in a last minute vintage dress (long story), but I wanted to share some of the items I *almost* bought for the occasion. Essentially this is just a collection of every day vintage dresses and Disney accessories, but still. I could have easily worn any of these today!

I've become quite obsessed with Rita Lane Vintage lately, and this was the gingham dress I most regret not buying for Dapper Day. The best part? There's a hidden Mickey on it!
I can't say I'm the biggest Marvel fan (it's not that I don't like Marvel, I just haven't seen most of the movies), but I AM a huge Guardians of the Galaxy fan. These Guardians ears from Crafty Olivia Cuties are SO good:

I've been staring at this colorful '60s dress from Fashion Rerun for the past month, and I feel like the fact that no one else has snatched it up is a sign that I need to get it. Right? Right:

I just came across this vintage Mickey purse from Nu Vintage the other day, and I am SO upset that I didn't see it sooner. How perfect would this have been for any Dapper Day outfit?:

I'm crying just thinking about Coco while I look at these ears from Briar's Patches. They're as beautiful as the movie:

And yet another vintage gem that I wish I would have gotten for Dapper Day. This green vintage dress from Vogue Vintage is gorgeous and just begging to be dresses up with a sweet hat and gloves:

I will forever preach that Princess and the Frog is underrated, which is why I'm in love with this Tiana D brooch from Twinkle Sprinkles:

This Madame Leota from Love Geek Chic purse is almost TOO perfect for Dapper Day, and I'm already considering getting it for the fall event: