Fall Dapper Day Recap

Hello from a Dapper Day Weekend survivor! It's been some time since I've really had the motivation to blog, but I had such a great weekend and loved how my outfits turned that I decided I put together a little recap. If you're unfamiliar, Dapper Day is an event that happens at Disneyland (in my case. It also happens at Disney World) where people visit the parks in their best vintage and vintage-inspired looks. It's a great excuse to dress to the nines with no questions asked and be surrounded by people doing the same. This was only my third Dapper Day, and it was my first time doing both days of the weekend. 

While I went to the Expo last year and just want to the parks one day this spring, I decided to do both this weekend. I went to the Expo at the Disneyland Hotel with my friend Whitney on Saturday, and while it was a struggle to get there after she got a flat tire (she and her car are fine luckily!), we managed to have an amazing time visiting the vendors and running into Internet friends. My favorite part of the Disney community is getting to meet likeminded people, and Dapper Day is the perfect storm of getting to see a bunch of people I love all in one place. As someone very introverted, I get pretty nervous showing up to these things (What if I go up to someone and they don't recognize me? What if I don't know someone's name? How can I not act as awkward as humanly possible?), I love these events because I feel really in my element. The nerves go away once I remember how truly kind the people I've met are, and it's great to bond over a shared love of Disney, vintage styles, and brands.

Keep reading for the rundown of my looks!

Day 1

Dress: Vintage via Memo's Vintage // Belt: Thrifted // Shoes: BAIT Footwear

For my first look of the weekend, I was so excited to wear this vintage dress I picked up from a local boutique before Spring Dapper Day this year. If you read my post back then, you might remember the saga. I bought this the day beforehand only to realize right after walking out of the store that it was going to be WAY too hot in April for these sleeves. I wore it once for pictures soon after, but I decided to save it for the fall event. I'm so glad I did since the weather wasn't terrible and it felt much more fitting for fall. This has to be one of my favorite looks ever. 

Day 2

Dress: Collectif (exact) // Brooch: Jolly Hollieday // Belt: Vintage // Ears: The Ear Gallery // Shoes: BAIT Footwear

Oh man. I am so happy with how this look came out. I wanted to attempt at least one Disney Bound this weekend, and this ended up working better than I could have expected. I bought this dress from the Collectif summer sale a few months ago, but it fit terribly. I contemplated letting it go, but I had drooled over it for months and had been lucky enough to snag it for super cheap, so I decided to hold onto it. A few weeks ago, I realized that it would be perfect for a Rapunzel bound. I took it to get altered, found these sweet ears on Etsy, and voila! I paired it with some yellow and gold accessories for the perfect Tangled inspired look. 

Dapper Day can get really intimidating what with some girls going all out with impeccable pincurls and such. I'm fairly new to the Disney community, and I've heard my fair share of complaints about snotty people and judgment over other girls' looks. I feel so lucky to have had such a good experience with every single I've met, and this weekend was further proof of that. I got to meet so many people in person and see old friends, and everyone looked incredible and was just happy to be there with each other. 

I was pretty apprehensive about getting into Disney outfits and bounding, but I felt so great in these outfits. It feels liberating to get to wear a petticoat or oversized flower ears and not care. Now to start planning for spring Dapper Day! Although when you dress up all the time, every day is Dapper Day technically. 


  1. Love hearing your recap! And I didn't notice this when first seeing your Disney Bound on Insta but your flower crown's ears have the sun symbol from the film! What a perfect detail!

  2. Dapper day sounds so fun!! I loved your outfits of course :)

    Lee - layersoflee.com

  3. I absolutely adored your Fall Dapper Day recap, and that dress was an absolute showstopper fashion ! The combination of classic elegance and seasonal flair was perfection. Your attention to detail and styling choices truly captured the essence of the event. It's evident that your fashion sense is both refined and creative. Your blog always inspires me to experiment with new styles and embrace the beauty of the season. Keep up the fantastic work, and I can't wait to see more fashion adventures from you! Your passion for fashion shines through in every post, and it's truly a pleasure to follow your journey.