Floral Gingham

Look who has been getting the motivation to blog lately! It was a busy weekend celebrating Father's Day, but the most exciting thing to happen was that I got my wedding dress! I went shopping with my bridesmaids and family last weekend, and I went back to one of the stores with just my mom and Jon's mom and Saturday. I ended up going with something completely different than what I expected, but I could not be more excited. I keep staring at pictures of myself in it like some sort of self-absorbed creep. I can't help it. It's just that good. 

In terms of clothes that aren't wedding dresses, I'm also so excited to share this new Steady dress. I've talked before about how Steady is one of my favorite brands for versatile vintage reproduction (not to mention local to me!), and they really stepped it up with their new spring line. I have a couple of other pieces that I can't wait to share soon as well, but this dress was an instant favorite. I've already worn it twice since getting it, and I actually wore it to try on wedding dresses since it was such an easy no-fuss piece to wear while still feeling cute.  

I sized up one size in this dress since the last swing dress I got felt a little tight, and the XL fits perfectly. Side note: can we take a moment to appreciate dresses that have adjustable straps? I always struggle with sleeveless items since straps are usually way too long on me, so I was relieved to find that this dress is adjustable for short people like me. 

My maid of honor, Jenn, was in town last week for dress shopping, and I'm still trying to adjust to my regular schedule after having so much fun while she was here. Can't every week be "take off work and have your best friend visit you" week?

Dress: c/o Steady Clothing
Cardigan: MAK Sweater
Shoes: BAIT Footwear


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