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When it comes to accessories, I've always been more of a shoe person than a purse person. I've had a habit of re-using the same bag every day for long periods of time, and I usually forget about others that I own. However, something changed recently, and I'm suddenly being drawn to more interesting bags and growing my collection. It helps that there seem to be cute purses everywhere I look lately. 

Because of my new obsession, I was thrilled to get to style a bag from Vendula London - a UK based brand that makes the most darling novelty bags. In addition to being adorable, all of their bags are vegan/animal-friendly, so I love that I carry this without needing to feel bad. 

I was immediately drawn to this post pox satchel because it felt like such a fun, quirky style, but still easy enough to style with a variety of outfits. I actually spend a lot of time at the post office (usually because I'm sending out Poshmark orders, but also because we're mailing out Save the Dates at the moment) so I also think I have a soft spot for it. The bag ended up being even cuter in person, and it's the perfect size. Whenever I'm not carrying my camera, I prefer smaller bags, so I like that this one can hold everything I need without being too large. 

Side note: Is it just me, or does this bag also give you a little big of a Harry Potter vibe? I'm not sure why, considering they use owls instead of post offices, but I still feel like this would be the perfect addition to my outfit whenever I finally get around to going to Wizarding World.

Bag: c/o Vendula London
Sweater: c/o MAK Sweater
Collar: Magnus Clothing Co.
Shoes: BAIT Footwear

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  1. It is such a cute bag! I am definitely more of a shoe person as well :) Great outfit! xx