Dapper Day Fall 2019

Oh yes, it's that time - another Dapper Day recap! This the fifth Dapper Day I've attended, and while I don't necessarily have a ton to share about this one, I really like that I can look back through my blog and see every one of my Dapper Days (both the experience and the outfit) documented. 

First, let's talk about the outfit for this one. As with every Dapper Day, it was a STRUGGLE. First, I ordered a dress from a vintage seller and it was an ordeal. Long story short, the dress was both damaged and didn't fit, so that was a no-go. Then, I ordered a dress off of Unique Vintage. I absolutely love it, but it didn't fit quite right and was a little baggy. I had every intention of just making it work, but after I put it on in the morning, I just didn't feel good in it. Dapper Day can be a lot of pressure on people, but it was less about impressing anyone and more about just feeling my best. I own a lot of vintage that I don't wear often, so I dug through my closet to see if I could find anything better, and I honestly put this outfit together maybe 20 minutes before my friends got to my apartment. It worked out because I used most of the accessories I had planned for my original outfit so it wasn't TOO last-minute. Both this top and skirt are really special vintage pieces to me, and I ended up being happier that I could break them out for this. 

Top: Vintage via Deja Vintage
Skirt: Vintage via Old Friend's Vintage
Earrings: Luxulite
Fascinator: Unique Vintage
Purse: Buffalo Exchange

For the actual event itself, my pass expired over the summer so we just went to the Expo again rather than going into Disneyland. I went with my friends Erica and Hanh again - this was my second time going with Hanh and my fourth time with Erica! We had a bit of a situation with our Lyft driver since Erica accidentally left her phone in the car on the way over. It was a hassle to get it back, but we eventually did and the rest of the day was a breeze. As always, it was so much fun running into friends and seeing so many of my favorite brands in one place. As I've mentioned before, Dapper Day is when I feel the most social, so it's a nice excuse to get out of my shell a bit. Plus, we ended the day  with burgers and ice cream, so what more could you ask for?

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  1. HI ELANA! <3 it's actually so nice when you can come up with an outfit you like for an event right out of your own closet. I'm always tempted to just buy something new immediately. I love this look and Dapper Day seems like such a cool event!

    Priya the Blog