Feigning Originality

                                                                                                     All photos: Elyse Katz

 Though I once offered an introduction to myself and this blog, seeing as I'm restarting it with a new name and a more personal approach, I think it's fitting that I do so again. My name is Elana and I'm a Southern California native who chose to move to the middle of nowhere in the Midwest for college to pursue a degree in fashion merchandising with a minor in journalism. Like most young women with an unhealthy obsession with fashion, I've constantly thought to myself, "you know what the internet needs more of? Personal style blogs." So with determination, I gave my sister-in-law no choice but to spend her days taking photographs of me as I hoped that my wit and charm would be endearing enough to set myself apart from every other blogger.

If anyone has noticed the older posts on this blog, I do intend to keep doing what I had started doing months ago. By that, I mean highlighting under-appreciated designers, blogs, and stores as a way to not only search for the most compelling parts of the fashion industry, but also as a platform for my writing.

I don't consider myself very girly by nature, but my style certainly is. If I could live every day in skirts and dresses, I would (I'd get away with it if wasn't for the damn snow in the Midwest). I have a weakness for anything with pleats, collars, polka dots, lace, or an A-line. As a college student, money is naturally an issue for me so a lot of what I buy is thrifted or on sale. Everything I put on here are things I actually wear, meaning you might never see me in pair of heels and the same 4 or 5 bags and pairs of shoes will most like be re-worn throughout. I don't necessarily think my style is much different than what any other blogger is doing, but I plan on pretending I'm oblivious to that fact and writing this blog anyway.

Side note: I still have yet to master the whole "posing for an outfit photo" thing without looking uncomfortable or awkward, so bear with me.

About the outfit:
Shirt: random mall store, I think Papaya.
Skirt: Darling, via HauteLook (HauteLook is having another Darling sale right now, ending 6/2)
Shoes: A Dune Deal Sandal, Modcloth (sold out)
Bag: Thrifted Liz Claiborne
Gold bracelet and rings: Thrifted


  1. very pretty You and great outfit!
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  4. love this ensemble, the muted colors are lovely and the look is sweet & feminine! xoxo linds {{www.rubygirlblog.com}}