Things that caught my eye #13

I love the idea of a mustard coat for winter like this gorgeous one

It's a bit random, but I've decided that I need a light bulb necklace and this one from Blush Pink Jewelry is just the right price

I can't believe it's taken me this long to post this pepperoni pouch from Sohh

OAK Scarves has some great scarves for fall, but I'm especially loving this coral one

This cuff from minusOne is such a cool piece

If I ever were to be convinced that I wasn't too short for a maxi skirt, I would snatch up this one from Max and Jane in a heartbeat

I love every rope piece from Gold-hearted

Lastly, two of my absolute favorite shops are back from hiatus with wonderful new items. The first is Infusion

And the second is Scout & Catalogue, a long-time obsession of mine


  1. I love the OAK scarf. The pattern is great!

  2. That cuff has a fun Art Deco vibe for me...

  3. I thought I loved the mustard coat and coral scarf until I scrolled down a bit more and saw the Max and Jane maxi skirt. Oh my gosh that is so beautiful! I love the color and how it's styled with a plain white tee!

  4. Ahhh, that mustard coat is gorgeous and so reasonably priced too! I'm adding to my favorites right now :)

  5. Do you have any Scout & Catalogue pieces? I love the contrast of the tie-dye with the brown leather, so hippe-carefree yet classy too! Always love reading your little list, I don't know how you manage to find such cool stuff! I must be looking in all the wrong places :) hope your week is starting off really great Elana!

    perfectly priya

  6. That mustard coat is so gorgeous! You have the best "things that caught my eye" lists! I always want it all xx

    Twenties Girl Style

  7. I LOVE the mustard coat. Now I must find myself one in that color!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. You seriously pick the best things for these posts...YES to that mustard coat!
    And oh man, a light bulb necklace? Would it be bad if I copied you? ;) Hehe, that is too adorable

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    Trendy Teal

  9. you can never be too short for a maxi dress or skirt. i'm 5'3 and i love to wear them. so, go on and get yourself one.
    oh, and i love the cuff. it's definitely something that i would love.


  10. Oh gosh yes, give me everything here! I feel very compelled to go buy that little light bulb necklace right now, but I must practice some self control..hehe. Oh mustard - I can never get enough of it especially in the fall!

    Every now and then I'll wear a maxi and I'm only 5'2! It may not be the most perfect thing on me, but us short gals gotta get a chance to indulge in the maxi loveliness every now and then, right? :)

    xo Marisa

  11. I was just looking on etsy for a mustard coat, too! Great minds, huh?

  12. I'm short too and I don't care about the maxis. I love them <3

  13. LOVE that Infusion bag, and that light bulb necklace is SO SO cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  14. That OAK scarf is amazing!


  15. Your blog is so lovely! And I love your style- the outfit in the last post is great and the one in the post before too :)

    Love from Germany!

  16. I love everything about this post :) Its amazing!!!! The clutch and necklace is splendid!!!Want to follow each other???

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  17. you have a great eye for things. that light bulb necklace is awesome!

  18. You have such great and unique taste! Love the pepperoni pouch, cuff and I have that Scout clutch pinned for a rainy day myself :)

  19. omg i swear to god i saw a coat JUST like that mustard one at the thrift store for like $7. Why didn't i buy it?! i must run there today!

  20. I'm loving that maxi!! Great finds as usual, friend!!!

  21. and i die.

    stop finding things i want really badly! i want them all!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails