The big 100 and where you can find me

"Pick that thing up and pretend it's a shield!"
"This thing is really disgusting..."
"Stand in front of all those bugs. They won't bite you, you'll be fine."

Even though these photos were only taken a week ago, it's already hard to fathom going outside without tights. The weather dropped suddenly this weekend and it's been tights, boots, and sweaters from then on. 

I'm so in love with this dress. It ended up being a slightly different red than it looked in the photo, one I'm not quite sure I can pull off, but I like it anyway. I decided to surprise T.J. with a tie from ASOS a couple of weeks ago (he's been very stylish lately, take my word for it) and decided that I couldn't just get the tie so I scoured the sale section and ended up with this dress for myself. I, of course, adore the shape, but I really just love how different this color is for me. I immediately thought of a million different ways I wanted to wear it when it came in and layering it over this polka dot shirt won the honors of being first.

In case you aren't tired of seeing my face (how could you be?), you might care to visit me in a couple of other places today and take a tour through some of my past outfits. First, I get to be the lucky first blogger to share my intro post on Flock Together. I really can't explain enough how excited the other bloggers involved and I am about this project. It's been so much so far and I really do hope you all check it out- and possibly even apply yourself! Then, if you're ready for even more of me talking to myself, head on over to Dus' blog, Cuddly Cacti, where she was nice to enough to have me over for a guest post! You can't get rid of me, wherever you go!

Also, I've reached 100 followers! I'm probably a bit too excited about this, but I don't even care. Sometimes I can't believe that anyone would want to read what I have to say or care about what I'm wearing so I just want to thank everyone who has done so. I really appreciate the support I've received from my fellow bloggers and the friends I've made, here's to 100 more! (And 100 after that...and that)

Dress: ASOS 
Polka dot shirt: Forever 21
Cardigan: Target, via Of Corgis and Cocktails
Shoes: UO
Belt: Thrifted


  1. Getting 100 followers is super cool! Congrats!

    PS You are too adorable and that dress color is great for you.

  2. happy 100! feel free to be as excited as you want to be. it's nice to see you in such a bright red color.


  3. Congrats on 100 followers, that is quite the accomplishment! The weather dropped here too, 36 degrees this morning! I couldn't believe it and I was not ready to wear a winter coat. I'm in love with ASOS, did you see they just reduced their sale stuff to 50% off. I'm off to drool over it all and make the difficult decision of buying a (few) things.

    xo Jenny

  4. Ha! I once dug a garden when i was a kid and found a trash lid just like that! weird but great prop I suppose:)
    <3 from Chicago

  5. Very adorable! I love the polka dot collar peeking out from the red dress- perfect color combo!

    Congrats on getting over 100 readers! I was really excited about it too when it happened to me. :)


  6. Congrats on the big 100 milestone! :D Here's to even more hundreds in your blogging future hehe
    Love the collar poking out under neath your dress - such an adorable touch. Also, the "shield" photos seriously gave me a laugh xD Nice facial expressions Elana haha!

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  7. yay 100 followers, that is SO EXCITING AAAAAAH!!! Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet today! love this dress on you, you look so pretty in that bright red! and wow, tights are def too hot for mid day here still but actually that often happens in mid Jan even : )

  8. oh... now i remembered what else I was going to say- I really like that location! the old chair & pipes look really cool actually and your face holding the dirty "shield" cracked me up!

  9. You look so pretty, I love the color of this dress. Yay for 100 followers. And I'm totally going to check out Flock Together right now! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. THAT DRESSSS!!! you pull off the red great - i totally contemplated buying this dress like 8 times. it's on sale now but not in my size.....ughhhhhh and i LOVE it with this black top. and your photos always make me laugh. it's hard to get direction from the photographer - whenever my husband photographs me if i listen to him i look so dumb, then he just yells at me to stop posing. ugh. i love that you picked that trash can lid up. i couldn't have done it!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  11. That color is amazing you look great! I especially love it with the polka dots of course. I totally got direction from my mom this week too. It went something like this "A REAL SMILE HANNAH, A REAL SMILE HANNAH"! Ugh. My favorite is totally the pretend its a shield one, so cute and funny! Will definitely check out your guest post too, I will be blogging over there on Friday!
    xo Hannah

  12. ps. CONGRATS on 100 followers!!!!! Hip hip hooray!

  13. Yay for 100 followers!! I was overly excited when I hit 100 too :) and overly excited about flock together!! Like SO EXCITED. I even applied! Oh and this outfit is amazing. I absolutely love the polka dot collar and the grandpa sweater (as I like to call them) over such a pretty dress! Especially with the elbow patches....perfection.


  14. Love that cardigan! I'm such a sucker for knitwear at the moment!



  15. This dress is so pretty, and I love the polka dot collar peeking through! You look so great!

  16. My two reactions before reading this: This color is BEAUTIFUL ON YOU and OMIGOD WHY ARE YOUR LEGS BARE?

    But then I read. So yeah, um it's so cold being a week old would definitely do it. And I've never bought from ASOS but this makes me want to check them out! So pretty and the shape is just right on you. Plus your layering is really on spot.

  17. WOW 100 followers? When did you go off and get so dang popular? Good for you girl! You can most definitely pull off that shade of red- I love it! And you absolutely deserve a treat yourself for being so kind and gracious and getting T.J. a tie. I mean, that's a win-win :D

    perfectly priya

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